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The Halfbreed Lovers / Press

“A collection of dramatic, emotional, psychedelic alternative rock and indie songs from El Paso's The Halfbreed Lovers”

"..featured on the CFDA 2012 Fashion Awards, Maxim.com, PGA Golf Tour, and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations."

“The Halfbreed Lovers invite everyone to follow them on their journey, leaving a message behind to all young artists to love music as much as they do.”

“The Halfbreed Lovers are on the path to gain a wider recognition with a new second album and a tour just around the corner. ”

“The album, a moody, atmospheric trip in and out of consciousness, is cryptic in lyrics but rich in meaning.”

"New footage of their show for Black Cactus Records in Phoenix is sure to induce some seizures. You can also peek into their recording session with Audioconfusion."

"according to Irish punks So Cow, Half-Breed Lovers are the local act to watch out for."