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The HailMarys / Press

“If a St. Louis band playing mostly So. Cal-ish punk isn’t punk then what the fuck is? And I ain’t talking about the sweet, poppy, sing-along, punk-kumbaya shit. This is grown-up punk. Without the negative connotation. Songs that have been lived in, haven’t showered for days, have been sleeping on a friend’s couch cuz things aren’t working out so well at home. The kind of shit all of us with a few years under our belt can testify to. Bittered, but not broken –– not even fucking close.”

“The more I listen to this, the more I like it. What can I say? I am charmed. Fans of the Distillers, Dropkick Murphys, Boondock Saints (the movie), all that bust-your-nose-then-buy-you-a-drink stuff, oughta love this one. ”

“Overall, it's a seriously upbeat, rockin' 28-minute listen that offers nothing even close to a ballad. And if you're going to complain about that, then The Hail Marys and their fans won't be missing you at the next show. My advice to you is to give this album a listen in your car with the windows down—but don't hit "play" until you're going 70 mph on the Interstate. A- ”

Eammon Azizi - PlaybackSTL

“No messing straight down the line blue collar street punk rock 'n roll from Saint Louis, Missouri. This is good – this is good for you, the Hail Marys oozzz good honest energy and straight down to the bone attitude. We're talking a righteous driving heads down Social Distortion, Motorhead, Supersuckers thing - fist pumping raw edged punk-pop whisky-throated sing-a-longs that will leave their mark. I like this.”

Organ Magazine-UK