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Underwater Canyons / Press

“I've been told that Moth has sat down and has begun a conversation with The Dark Rabbit and Bunna Hoppa.. monday march 02 2015 2:30pm”


“The Dark Rabbit says: ''And now for our next number..this one is called no transitional skeletons..''”


“Volume 22: Bubblespeak: Counterweights and Countermeasures concludes the writing process behind Cardinal Points. ;)”


“The Dark Rabbit says: "It is then when I began to sink deep into the oceans and then there were just underwater canyons... ;)”


“The Dark Rabbit says: "I'm not in the matrix..the matrix is just a story..”


“It's like your the Stephen Hawking of saying both enough to be creepy and not enough to be informative. I like it. Your fantasies have fantasies! Brilliant -Jacob Shugart”

Jacob Shugart - TBM

“My co conspirator Christopher Short and I tackle the task ahead of remaking our first album: "The Lost Generation." I.O.F. is reborn. :)”


“After "Cardinal Points", my third studio album will be named: "Sleeper Cell."”


“SUBTERFUGE is a sublimely daring freefall groove that widens the pit in my stomach and brings a smile to my soul simultaenously, hard to do in a landscape of cliches.”

David Namerow

“Take a step back into the past with us and enjoy our first album "Ghost Signature." (2005) -posted in our video archive. :)”


"Was a pleasure delving into your deep and darkened waters. You have crafted a very rich and haunting world with your sounds. Digging the artwork as well!"

“The new album: "Cardinal Points" coming soon! It will be a four-headed entity..-but coming soon is based upon plate-techtonic time..”


“Underwater Canyons welcomes W.T. Lummus to the creative songwriting circle!”


“I dig your sound. It reminds me of Thrice's Water album. Kudos!”

sevaStrA - sevaStrA

“Love the dark, haunting sound you have here. ”

“Underwater Canyons is a Houston 94.5 The Buzz and iHeartRadio band from Friendswood, Tx. Call and request Underwater Canyons on the radio!!”

"The Machines of War" A brand new 10 minutes short film by Underwater Canyons in three movements: The Machines of War, Six Day War and Streamlined for Silence. The dark rabbit has hijacked the end of the film to bring you some trianglar television...Follow us on You Tube!!

“It's a very cool track you have there! ”

“The Dark Rabbit makes an appearance in "The Triangle.”

“Click the link below to visit our main site: The Moth, a dark rabbit, a couple of spiders and a guy named glass are busy constructing mayhem...”