The Get Right Band / Press

"'Shake' [The Get Right Band's debut album] is fun, full of energy and excitement, and should be listened to with the volume turned all the way up."

John Lynskey - Hittin' The Note

“Festival bookers, put these guys on your radar, they’re undeniably talented and they know how to throw a party! They are tailor-made for summer music festivals.”

“Hip-shakin', earthquakin' pure funk fun. What more could you want from 5 songs?”

“Never playing the same set and rarely evoking the same emotion, The Get Right Band knows the importance of feeding off its audience in order to connect with the listeners.”

“When Asheville’s The Get Right Band takes to the Phoenix Lounge stage Saturday, Feb. 16, they’ll bring with them a palpable sense of energy. Fresh from a tour of the U.S. Virgin Islands and with their first album less than a week away, the 9 p.m. show will feature the three-piece rock group at arguably the most exciting junction of their career thus far.”

“When members of Asheville, N.C.'s The Get Right Band hit the stage they have one fun objective. “We're trying to make it where people can't help but dance,” said guitarist and vocalist Silas Durocher.”

“Asheville-based funksters The Get Right Band is returning to Charleston following the release of their first album, Shake. The Get Right Band are no strangers to Charleston, having developed quite a fan base here.”

"Shake" showcases why The Get Right Band is such a popular live act--quite simply... they're never boring and they're easy to dance to. It's accessible, fun, and always changing. The songs on "Shake" are wildly assorted in their styles, but still rally around a common musical outlook. It's impressive how much ground TGRB covers in showcasing what they're about.

“The Get Right Band is a three-piece with the musical energy and power of The Police.”

Artimus Pyle (Lynyrd Skynyrd Drummer)

“The Get Right Band’s members have decades of friendship and more genres than they can count informing their sound. With new EP, Shake, they’ve polished their party vibe.”

“Their new EP 'Shake' demonstrates a tasty mix of funk, reggae, rock, solid songwriting, and hip-swinging selections that leaves the listener thirsty for more from this three-piece group.”

“Boone Saloon will be moving and grooving to the funk rock reggae sounds of The Get Right Band.”