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The Folkadelics / Press

“The Folkadelics took the stage like a refreshing breeze through the Sounstage, and proceeded to impress the masses with their harmonies and solid songwriting. Dany Faraone, the female vocalist, boasts a powerful voice with soul, confidence, with a pinch of funk thrown in for good measure, and who doesn’t love a focused mandolin player? For an opener, I thought, you couldn’t ask for much more.”

“The Folkadelics from Brooklyn, NY was one of the bands that caught me by surprise. I didn’t get a chance to learn much about the band prior to the show, but as soon as the band took the stage I could tell we were in for something special. The Folkadelics combine funk, hip-hop, reggae, and rock and blend together a concoction of sounds that is all their own. At one point in their set Rob Barraco from Dark Star Orchestra joined the band on keys; what a treat!”

"The Folkadelics are one of those bands that blur the lines of musical genres and are just a pleasure to listen to. They just seem to make everyone who's listening bop with happiness - I dare you to try and sit still."

“Here's what Christina had to say about the bands at her first showcase: The Folkadelics: YES! I'm ready to JIVE and do some hipster dancing funk/folk style. We'll call it FULNK. There song "Bad Idea" is more like a really GREAT idea. ”

The Examiner

"I highly recommend them as they were serious entertainers. There was an energy that came from the multi-talented group that was electric."

"My favorite part of the festival-handsdown- is being exposed to new music. I picked up a few new favorites, but my ultimate favorite this year was The Folkadelics. This Brooklyn band had funk, reggae and a mandolin player. What more could you ask for? Power vocals from a female songstress? You got it thanks to Danny Farone, loved every minute of her crooning."

“Danny Faraone had amazing vocals and energy, reminiscent of Gwen Stefani’s sound. She was clear and strong, belting out the high notes with confidence. ”