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The Ferocious Few / Press

"What makes it all work is the fact that vocalist Francisco Fernandez’s pitch and tone remains consistently right on the mark, sustaining the magnitude of their songs. The power of the lyrics, which tend to be steeped in a tea of heartbreak, despair and adrenaline, resonate loudly, creating the framework for the general sense of aural distortion that defines their sound…like a fusion of Widespread Panic’s John Bell, mid-career Dylan and a healthy dash of Gregg Allman, Fernandez has long since stripped down his original four-piece band to the strong two-piece format, and ran with it."

"But the group’s best asset was Fernandez’s voice, a shellshocked croon that conveyed the sort of wide-eyed fear of the almighty that the Band used to conjure 40 years ago."

"iPhone App Lets You Carry A Band In Your Pocket: The Ferocious Few has a reputation of popping up unexpectedly in random places all over San Francisco, so we wanted to convey that sense of spontaneity in an experience that was true to the personality of the band."

"One of the most kinetic bands in the Bay Area, regardless of whether they’re performing at a club or on a street corner.