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The Ex-Optimists / Press

“The Ex-Optimists have put out an superb album of music that while living in the present tense, takes me right back to my college days, nay my JUNIOR COLLEGE DAYS! They could have been sharing a small club tour with Smashing Pumpkins or Ride in 1991. They could have played a gig with MY band in 1991! This is one of those albums you’ll want to turn up loud and play on repeat until you memorize what you think the lyrics are.”

Jason Smith - Space City Rock

“Wow, this is great! At their most subdued moments, this sounds like a shoegaze record that should have come out in the early ‘90s. I hear similarities to bands like Ride, Slowdive, or Pale Saints. You know the sound: quiet yet tuneful pop songs often with layers of guitar effects and softly sung vocals. When the songs here venture out and get more aggressive, they almost veer into Superchunk-esque pop songs. Both options work great together and compliment each other, as the band keeps a single identity throughout the record rather than sounding like someone changing their style from song to song. Recommended.”

"The Ex-Optimists deliver a wonderful and clever mix of flashback-filled indie rock and future hits of noise pop. The songs fill me with a strange sort of nostalgia, indie rock style: but it's more than that. It's now and new, but there is a history and love for what came before."

“They definitely do sound like they were influenced by the dewy-eyed heyday of good-hearted, snarky, noisy-but-tuneful indie-rock/pop like Superchunk, Pavement, Built To Spill, and The Posies, but nonetheless, they’ve made this sound something all their own, simultaneously paying homage and reinventing vintage indie-rock into a new thing that’s got some of the shape and look and feel of the original but comes out wholly its own beast.”

“You just don't hear this kind of playing much anymore, people playing with sounds and effects but never losing sight of the songs.”

Jason Clark - 979Represent

“The Ex-Optimists make headphones better!”

Daniel Dietrick - Skyacre

"College Station kids with a huge 80’s college rock fixation that actually is pretty solid"

“Why are you guys no longer optimistic? Michael: The name is a bit of a misnomer. We were never optimistic. We were less pessimistic at one point, but the currently-everything-is-pretty-alrights doesn’t really flow well as a band name.”