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The Ex Governors / Press

"Every song is sincere. Every song explores what it means to be a band, to play because you love music, because you like each other as much as your material. Every song has real emotion, feelings that connect like flashes.

Chris Le Roy - Death Of Me

“'... The Ex Governors songs are absolutely well-written, and their lyrics are often hysterical...'”

Dan Berry - The Hartford Advocate

“'There's a shadowy vibe to the whole deal without having a sense of self-hating mopery. Kind of like the dude at the bar who gets drunk with you who uses booze just to heighten the good times and purge the bad ones. A catchy album'”

Play Magazine

“'The darkness in these songs is not usually reflected in the music and that blend of darkness and light creates the tension that keep the listener alert.'”

The Hartford Courant

“'...unexpected intimacy and beatnik-esque artistry.'”

Christopher Arnott - The New Haven Advocate

“'Kevin Day and Jason P. Krug are both songwriters, both like to tell stories with their songs and both have a dark and wicked sense of humor. Their songs often deal with people who take too many drugs and make bad decisions or people who don't fit into the "straight world."”

Rich Kamins - The Hartford Courant