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Thee Now Sound / Press

“The song, "3 to 1" has a lot of chunks and splashes. The vocals actually remind me of the delivery (not the sound!) of Danzig's - think: "Snakes of Christ." And they add that long-forgotten feedback squeal at the end of the track. "Day After Execution" is a straight-up nod to early 80's punk rock. There are plenty of bends in the guitar solo, seemingly on the 3rd and 4th strings, instead of the usual high strings. This second EP rounds off with the track, "Nailed," a more thrash-punk sound. The melodies of the verses are so familiar, but I cannot place them. Not a rip-off, but definitely influenced by a song that's on the tip of my (and probably your) tongue. Over all, all six songs are wonderful for old school punk. They're raw, slushy, fast and fun. And there's nothing like Thee Now Sound in Columbus, as far as I know. ”

“Playing the "Seize Thee Sound" EP, there's a very punk/pre-grunge sound to it. I regret listening to it while the wife was sleeping, because I really wanted to turn up the volume and jam it out. The song "Stooge" is obviously a ode to Iggy Pop, where you can hear the elements of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" in the bass line. The screaming is in your face, and the quality is very raw. Perfect for the genre. Who likes polished punk rock? Those bubblegum-chewing kiddies at the mall! "Bar Bend Blues" starts out with a high dosage of feedback from the guitar, bringing to mind sorrowful memories of Kurt Cobain's contributions to music. However, the rest of the song is more rambunctious and not very Nirvana-ish. It leans more Rancid, and has nothing bluesy about it. It's like Flogging Molly with balls. "Psy" has more of a groovy, jam band feel about it. It kinda lingers there, feeling improvised. But fun. Listen: What's he going to say next?”

“Occasionally bands and record labels fit seamlessly into a ready-made partnership; such is the case with Thee Now Sound. Based in Ohio, the trio’s ear-shattering blast of raucous punk rock is a punishing assault on the senses, which is why it seems rather appropriate when you discover that the band is signed to Tinnitus Music. Comprised of snotty vocals, distorted guitar lines and intense beats, Seize Thee Sound is a pulsating statement of intent from a band that plays on their torn, emotional boundaries. ”

“You are treated to some of the Finer Points of Rock and Roll: very catchy (a trait most of today's DIY bands have seem to forgotten about),pure, unorganized insanity meant to drive the elderly mad by the band's main entity, singer/songwriter/guitarist Dustin Rouan. Since giving birth to the band in '96, Rouan has stuck to what he loves despite popular music trends and with eight years of growth, an album and many line up changes later and the trio has never sounded better. Not to young to dream it and not to old to forget it, these boys are living it. ”

Mike Barker - Review

““Some of the Finer Points of Rock and Roll” PEN15 produces high pitched, tinnitus-inducing simple rock taking a cue from the famous songwriting style of the early 90's, slow verses and fast choruses, something that rarely graces the ears of the South-eastern Ohio music scene. With desperate lyrics, snotty vocals,distorted guitar, toned up bass lines, and fast drumming, they play the kind of music that makes kids jump onto their bed and play air guitar. ”

Mike Barker - Review

“With each and every track, Thee Now Sound solidifies their place in the growing trend of garage rock outfits, that we're all familiar with. However, Thee Now Sound brings something different to the table, not necessarily a new paradigm of music, but more along a mix of styles that isn't found in the garage-punk laced rock that is in circulation these days. While the album didn't contain any liner notes or even a lyric sheet, from what I have heard, lyrically Thee Now Sound is extremely personal on most songs. The band offers intimate looks into their softer side with tracks like "Lament," while crushing you down with the fury of "Shallow". All in all, Thee Now Sound is an intense band that offers a strikingly straight jab of stripped down rock and roll that will delight any fan of good music.”

MG - Hussieskunk

“Thee Now Sound brings to mind simplistic rock and roll at its finest. Based out of Ohio, USA this trio lays an organic style of country fueled punk rock. "Lettuce, Turnip And Pea" is not overproduced to achieve their cagey solid sound; the band achieves this on their own with outrageously talented guitar work, subdued bass lines and simple, yet very effective, drum beats.”

MG - Hussieskunk