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Elwood James Band / Press

“Mike Monroe, Brynn, and Kirby are joined in studio by local musicians The Elwood James Band on this edition of Soundstage for an interview and acoustic performance. They perform their songs "Black Cherry" and "In the Dark". ”

“In this day and age when so many bands are cobbled out of musicians who respond to Facebook notices and ads on Craigslist, it’s exciting and inspiring to find an authentic homespun group like the emerging, Philly based ELWOOD JAMES BAND. Having established a foothold in their hometown with over 30 shows and fundraising events for Haiti Earthquake Relief (Musicians Actively Supporting Haiti) and Breast Cancer Awareness (the 2011 Walk for the Cure), the group has just released its self titled five track independent EP. Writing and performing old school, retro-minded songs from a wild range of classic influences, The ELWOOD JAMES BAND have a unique challenge that most new bands searching for a unique vibe would kill for: trying to define their sound. Their influences include American roots music, blues, 60’s British Invasion, classic rock, psychedelic music, alt rock and world music—basically, they like to say, anything with a good melody, a good rhythm and a message that rocks.”

“If you like music with a whole lot of feeling, then you should love Elwood James Band and their debut album. The group has a wide array of musical influences, but what stuck out to me the most was the element of rock. In its simplest form, rock ‘n’ roll plays a huge role on this EP. Elwood James Band is: Vincent Vescio aka Poppa Vin on vocals & keys, Dennis James on vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, Danny Wagz on drums and Vincent’s son Vinnie Vescio on bass. That closeness that you receive from a family is definitely evident between these members. Actually, the band started when Poppa Vin and Dennis James met as kids where Dennis’ father Elwood had a basement that became common stomping grounds for the entire neighborhood. When Elwood James passed away, Elwood James Band was born in honor of a man that really cared for all. That spirit, magic and strong sense of family is what separates Elwood James Band from a lot of other bands out there. (continued)”

“Philly-based rockers The Elwood James Band drop their five-song self-titled EP. The band is a bit of a family affair with co-lead vocalists Vincent Vescio aka Poppa Vin on keyboards and Dennis James on acoustic and electric guitar. The two have known each other since childhood. Then there’s drummer Danny Wagz, and Vincent’s son, Vinnie Vescio on the bass. EJB was named as a tribute to Dennis’s dad, Elwood. To get right to it, “Nobody Rolls” has the catchiest hook, but I found “Kinda Lost” to have the funkiest groove out of the five songs. Its focused drums and tough bass provide a nice rhythm bed for the guitars, keys and vocals. This one made my head nod. My personal favorite on here, though, is “Love At All.” I’m not sure if it’s the swing of the time signature or the fact that I kept thinking of Paul McCartney during it. Probably a little of both. (continued)”

“The Elwood James Band are relatively newer act on American roots music therithory. They work as a quartet, performs a lot, and during the previous 2011 year, they discographicaly debuted with EP, entitled simply " EJB". We can find a 5 melodic tracks here, with soulful and southern touches and emotionals too. Some 80 traces are also present in their arrangments aproaches and especially in vocal harmonizations, as same as one generally positive musical view. Their authors signitures also associate on past periods, where elements of americana, different roots variants and clasic rock details ,clearly defines its style. I will specialy recomand a two pretty melodic tunes, as a " Nobody Rolls" and " Love It All". " EJB " is a fine discographical start for USA fellows... Rating : 7 . 5 / 10 www.elwoodjamesband.com”

“Sharp, intelligent songwriting and arranging, a knack for creating music that is instantly familiar but full of fresh ideas and superior singing and playing--individually and collectively--make EJB an especially impressive ensemble.”

Chuck Darrow - Philadelphia Daily News Entertainment/CasiNotes Writer

“EJB always brings the crowd and the goods!”

Scott Jones, Owner/Booker - The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ