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The Electric Boa / Press

"Electric Boa tore through an hour long set as if they were a national act who’d been there & done it before....Musically Electric Boa are high energy rock n roll with an old school blues based sound....they are a throw back to what rock n roll used to be many years ago."

"They are not the average band and this was not an average show. This performance was more like a bolt of Lighting striking and splitting a tree. Powerful, Bright, Loud, and exciting to watch. They ROCK ! On stage they ruled the room. They could steal your girlfriend and convince you that it was ok for you to pay for dinner, drinks, and the hotel. They possess a ton of charisma and raw energy that could power one thousand major cities. All EYES & EARS are on The Electric Boa. Nothing can stop them from becoming better than the average rock band." -Alex & Cupcake ORIGINAL MUSIC REVIEWS www.OriginalMusicReviews.BlogSpot.com

“Produced by L. Derek Chafin. Take 5 Philly based musicians who grew up rocking to the music of Cheaptrick, Faces, The Stooges, David Bowie, Aerosmith and Judas Priest. Shake it up and out comes The Electric Boa. Rocking guitars, great hooks, horns and a great voice in Higgsy. The mix of horns played by Jay Davidson weaves in and out on this recording. Higgsy's voice has that great sound a la Pete Palladino; sweet, smooth, clean and distinct. The first 6 songs rock a fresh flair in this "new" music age, and is well accepted by this listener. Song 6 "Ma' Lawd" is a ballad that then hits hard with a great guitar solo bursting forth and harmony vocals to sweeten the pot. All songs are dance ready on this new CD from The Electric Boa. Song 7, "Horse" is now rocking my player. The mix and production is spot on.”

“It's probably hard to remember now, but there was a very tiny window of time - in between their feeding off the corpse of grunge and their lead singer turning into a drug-addled caricature of himself and running off to join Velvet Revolver - when Stone Temple Pilots actually made some glammy, kinda appealing rock 'n' roll (admit it, you dug “Big Bang Baby” against your own better judgment). That’s the same window Philly quintet The Electric Boa has crawled through for their own glittery, arena-sized hard-rock spectacle, fueled by the unabashedly Weiland-esque vocals of singularly monikered frontman Higgsy and a crunchy, riffy swagger that finds the midpoint between G 'n’ R and T. Rex.”

“The Electric Boa is rock with an occasional Motown swing from a seemingly random, but wonderfully intertwined one-manned horns section. If that doesn't get your attention, it's hard to ignore a chorus that repeats, "cut offs and cameltoe." Candy Coated Cyanide beams with variety in each song, but offers consistent entertainment. From the first song on the album to the last, this group manages to hold your attention and take you from tracks that you can rock to, to tracks that come off as more like ballads to somberly groove to. Definitely try this- for the lyrics if nothing else. ”