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Thee Fine Lines / Press

“Similarly no frills is Thee Fine Lines “Set You Straight” which sounds like it was made to be blasted out of a transistor radio. Not one of those digital things that are becoming all the rage. Once again, I don’t recognise the comparisons with Billy Childish. There’s not a whiff of the impressionism that pervades much of that guys work. I feel kind like BC is the opposite side of the Paul Weller coin, this 3-piece on the other hand deliver short sharp jolts of primo garage-punk not unlike our own Thanes. Based in Skele-country - Springfield, Mo – they have that extra edge that evidently comes from whatever is put in the water there. Lou Whitney once told me it was “the buckle on the bible belt”. If that’s the case they sure have a way with the devils music. Available now on cd and vinyl from Licorice Tree.”

“On this here 7-inch bundle of spazzed-out sonic wildness, Thee Fine Lines stir up a frenetic, fuzzy-heavy cyclone of amplification with four Garage Rock stompers that peel the paint off the walls when played loud (as only it should be!). The vocalist spits, snarls, and growls like a raunchy, booze-swillin’ hellcat on a sleazy, pelvic-thrusting mission to corrupt and defile each and every young, nubile gal within groping distance. And the gritty musical accompaniment is a raw, sweaty display of primal, mad-dog noise that’s as aggressive as it is intoxicating. For the very best in the reckless, sinful, and animalistic sounds of pure Garage Rock mania, look no further than Thee Fine Lines.”

“I would VOLUNTEER that Thee Fine Lines is the best band to come out of Missouri in the last ten years. I’ve been meaning to check these guys out for a couple a years, but, lazy ass that I am, never got around to it. Their latest CD falls into my lap by the grace of Razorcake, and now I realize how much more fulfilling the last few years would’a been had I been officially hipped to Thee Fine Lines. Set You Straight is primitive in the same manner that the Jewws’ L’explosion du son de Maintenant! was—three band members, three instruments, one heart, one stripped-down now sound, baby! The moodier, atmospheric songs, “Midnight’s Fine” and “You’re So Fine,” would fit nicely on any of the Teenage Shutdown compilations, while the trashier, up tempo numbers sound like they could have come out of San Francisco’s garage rock heyday of the early- to mid-’90s. Just try to listen to Set You Straight and keep your legs from going into crazy, rock’n’roll induced spasms.”

“Thee Fine Lines is one of my favorite bands, and I am to repeat again, therefore each time that is edited a new record I come back to affirm, the same, because this band in everything what makes, makes well, now is “Instrumental”, what is fabulous again, five instrumental songs, originally written in 2001 and recorded now for the “Wee Rock Records”, that is rigorously described as a true record of “classic garage rock” as never was listened, and I am reporting Don Craine of the Downliners Sect, what more I can argue to this if not a great "yehehahahah", and advising to listen and obtaining it obligatorily.”

“Saying to a band, “I love your instrumentals” might be construed as a backhanded compliment—I like your band but not the singing. That’s not the case with Thee Fine Lines. I’ve long liked them—I’ll forever dig sounds reminiscent of the early Kinks—but this all-instrumental EP is their best record yet. It’s cinematic rock that calls to mind movie genres more than music genres, beach flicks, budget horror movies, Nixon-era noir. Best thing to come down this pike since Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet broke up.”