The Effie Afton / Press

“With the recent release of their EP, Effie Afton has solidified their versatility and resilience in the local indy scene. Their almost ethereal sound is punctuated by strong dynamics – the fortes are bold and the pianissimos are oh so quiet. There were several attention-grabbing songs in their set, and a favorite was Moving On, with vocal harmonies that took the forefront, as all three front musicians shared one microphone.”

“[Great Divide] hints at an increasing emotional complexity, and “Say Goodbye” does the same with the music. It retains the EP’s overriding translucence, but two styles of guitar – aggressively distorted fuzz back with the drums, behind a jazzy lead – simultaneously create and release tension. It’s a brilliantly simple juxtaposition that tantalizingly closes the recording – making me eager for a full-length.”

“Effie Afton was the headline band at Rozz-Tox. This indie-rock band is also local – and named after an infamous tug boat. If you don’t know the story - Google Effie Afton - and learn a little QC history. I really enjoyed Effie Afton’s music and am still enjoying it – thanks to the free CD they were passing out with three of their original songs. I’m hoping to hear more from these guys soon.”