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The Deep Eynde / Press

“Listening to the album ‘Shadowland’ by the Californian five some The Deep Eynde brings images to mind of a ride in a humvee with my tattooed arm hanging down the side of the car and the stereo blasting away. The band obviously gets its main inspiration from bands like Bad Religion, old Sisters Of Mercy, The Damned and The Misfits, but successfully stays away from imitating these bands. Compliments! The band is off for a dashing start with ‘Suicide Drive’ and doesn’t let up. Whether it are the mid pace tracks like ‘Hoodoo’, the rockabilly ‘Mr. Guilt’ and ‘Don’t Walk Away’ or the blistering and up tempo songs like ‘Devilchild’ (listen to the Nirvana like riff) and ‘Nuthin To Do’, the band gives its all. The result is an honest, energetic and above all mixed shot of California style punk. Rapping things up: Deep Eynde gives the world a debut album, which hits the right spot all right. Even more, more than one US “punk” band could take an example from it”

“Bad Blood is a mixture of Rock ‘N Roll, Punk and Gothic. I believe some people like to call it horrorpunk form time to time. Personally I would file The Deep Eynde under music which I can’t get enough off. With this mixture of The Misfits, Damned, Ramones, Stooges, etc. they pulled of a great album. Especially the songs ‘We Don’t Care About You’, ‘Casualty Of Love’ and ‘Date From Hell’ are great. In the end I can say that Bad Blood certainly isn’t a bad album. With several great songs they manage to grab your attention.”

“The Deep Eynde is a Misfits-inspired rock band out of Southern California's punk breeding grounds. Some rockabilly elements grace the album with their presence, but mainly this is just good, straight up dark punk rock. The Deep Eynde deem themselves Southern California Devil Punk, which is surprisingly accurate with no arguments from this camp. This album plays like an 18-wheel full throttle tear of dark-sided rock that doesn't brake until towns are left spun in dust and speed-rattled minds are left lost on the side of the road. The front-man sings instead of screaming or shouting, proving his ability to pull in and charm the audience and show heart and inspiration in the process. Love songs jump to skull fascination songs, and anthems jump to b-horror movie themes all coming to one culminating track at the end, Mr. Guilt, which combines the feel of an old jazz swing standard with rockabilly undertones and a chilling vocal track. This is for fans of all things evil and rock.”

“THE DEEP EYNDE are coming from California and this is their second full-length album entitled “Bad Blood”. This record consists of 13 fast paced, catchy songs mixing sing-along hooks and melodies with a gothic edge all over the place. For the first time the band emphasizes its darker side as well as its catchy one and, with song like “Christfuck” and “Under The Knife”, singer Fate Fatal is given the opportunity to show his gothic/horrorpunk past. On the other hand, the guitar work of Stress is leading the whole band to a punk musical journey where the classic rock guitar solos fit in greatly. Listen to the opener “Kiss of Violence”, the great solo work in “Date From Hell” and “Casualty of Love” and you will know what I mean. If you are a fan of this genre you should check them out.”