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The Deaf Pilots / Press

“The music of The Deaf Pilots shook Cafe Flo Saturday night as the band kicked off the venue’s Back to School Music Festival.”

Lauren Beaven - The Orion

"The Deaf Pilots are a three-man rock ’n’ roll band whose music is high energy hard rock with a classic rock influence."

“The Deaf Pilots accomplished catchy, original music with only an electric guitar, bass and drums, choosing to stick to the essentials without losing versatility.”

“Fiery, charming rockers leaping off the page here..that scorching, crunchy riff for "maybe when" just hangs in your body and doesn't let go! Wicked dynamics too, to mix it with that ska vibe as well..awesome song collection. You guys got skillz!”

“Dear amazing talented friends, What a great sound! Great voice! Outstanding! Thank you so much for sharing your magnificent universe* Warmest greetings from Japan, With lots of love* Ryo”

“There appears to be some real bad asses in Chico CA!.......dp”

“Late Evening Love...great timing changes, astounding volume swells, well done.”