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The Dead Americans / Press

“Exploiting the material-rich social climate, The Dead Americans do well at punctuating their view of this world with pounding beats, steady rhythms and music that makes you want to move.The album title, “Pig Fish” is a play on the phrase “big fish in small ponds” as a social critique. This eleven-song CD illustrates angst for a decaying society, demoralizing social mores and the upheaval known only to true revolutionaries.The vocal harmonies depict a vocal discipline not often heard in clubs and certainly demonstrates the caliber of talent this band possesses. This band has proven their ability as individual musicians as well as a band.Vocalist Kyra Kelly says the name “Dead Americans” is a metaphor for the zombie trance many live under when they swallow political half-truths and harmful cultural messages.She often performs stage antics like dressing as a playboy bunny doused in fake blood, or writhing while strangling herself with a gigantic $100 bill. See this band!”

"The Dead Americans’ sound is diverse—inspired by but not limited to punk rock, country, indie, progressive rock and ska. Drawing inspiration from punk-legends like X and the Dead Kennedys, the Eugene five-piece mixes social commentary and performance art with plain old in-your-face rock’n’roll. But whatever genre they dabble in (don’t count out spoken word), the Dead Americans are known for shreddin’ it live—aiming to smash the state while getting you to shake your ass. The sultry and seductive chanteuse Kyra Kelly could easily stalk the New York stages of the ‘70s and ‘80s with Patti Smith, Lydia Lunch and Nina Hagen—or front a ’90s northwest riot grrrl group like Bikini Kill. Vocalist and guitarist Zak Johnson's style recalls indie-rock greats Calvin Johnson or Jonathan Richman, but his always-crunchy power chords are pure Northwest grunge. Under it all is a tight and aggressive rhythm section, never letting you forget that good punk rock should be for, of and