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The Cute Lepers / Press

“The Cute Lepers are a Seattle band that mixes power pop with punk, kind of like Cheap Trick meets the Buzzcocks plus a shot of Elvis Costello. My favorite songs on this third album bring to mind the epic pop bombs of the criminally underrated Tom Robinson. If you remember the '70s UK punk band The Boys, vocalist Duncan "Kid" Reid wrote a song just for this release, "77." And one more namecheck: the lead-off track, "Tribute to Charlie," is about UK Subs frontman Charlie Harper. Many artists like this fail the repeat-listen test. You can either feel the band winking at you as they swipe attitude and riffs from famous underground bands or they fancy themselves so cool that their hipness becomes off-putting. But the Cute Lepers seem to just go for broke with fun music that's smart enough to get better with each play.”

“Power popping punk rock has never sounded more infectious with The Cute Lepers' Adventure Time Coming in at just over 30 minutes in 12 songs, the punk spirit is not lost within this release. Opening with Tribute to Charlie in ode to Charlie Harper from U.K. Subs alongside 77, a track written by Duncan Reid of The Boys, the tone of this record should be apparent. Somewhere between Less Than Jake and NOFX, The Cute Lepers have carved themselves a sweet sound that has been missing from our side of the pond for a very long time. If it's not hip-hop or pop, chances are it's indie or electro rock topping our Charts. Although punk is not meant to be commercial, it would be nice if bands like The Cute Lepers were given the exposure and accolades deserved.”

“It’s hard not to like the Cute Lepers, at least a bit. Back with their third album on the awesome Damaged Goods label, the Lepers seem to effortlessly eke out a glorious sound which recalls the best of the last 50 years of rock ‘n’ roll without ever sounding more than momentarily like any particular band. They also write some songs which would grace any popular radio station, yet won’t because they make no concessions whatsoever to fashion. Like ‘em? I’m beginning to love ‘em. Try, for instance, to avoid tapping your foot to “Noisy Song” - or to prevent it from going round and round and round in your brain after a couple of listens. It’s literally impossible. While a cracking good track, it’s by no means the only remarkable tune on here – “Adventure Time” is packed with them – opener “Tribute To Charlie” (an effusively irresistible tune about the UK Subs legend Charlie Harper), the snotty, brattish “All This Attention Is Killing Me” and the charact”

“Cute Lepers Adventure Time 1-2-3-4 Go! Street: 04.05 Cute Lepers = Buzzcocks + Johnny Thunders + The Jam At first listen, The Cute Lepers are poppy and bouncy, but immediately beyond that is some brilliant rock n’ roll and a little deeper are decimating levels of vigor. Add thoughtful lyrics, and this album could win over anyone. Adventure Time is the third outing by the Cute Lepers, who have risen out of the shadows of The Briefs (previous band of lead vocalist and guitarist Steve E. Nix and bassist Stevie Kicks) and reflects everything that band accomplished and so much more. The first track, “Tribute to Charlie,” an ode to U.K. Subs’ lead singer Charlie Harper, has this tremendous sound with pumping piano and saxophone blasting along and “Head Over Heels” is a catchy power pop tune that’ll be in my head for weeks. I love hearing a punk rock band that drags the genre wherever they want to.”

“Cute Lepers bring so much more to their musical mix though with great piano additions at times and the 60’s girl harmonies backing up Nix as on the Vapors sounding ‘Head Over Heals’, ‘I Can’t Do Things’ which skips like the Rezillos, and ‘She Liked Helter Skelter’. As previously mentioned and as you can see by my comparisons the songs on ‘Adventure Time’ recall their many influences proudly but rest assured every track is also Cute Lepers originality. Already well respected and appreciated as shown by the track ‘77’ written specially for the band by Duncan Reid of great 80’s band The Boys, this album will only push them further into Pop punk and musical folklore. This is a must listen to for 2011 no strike that it is a must buy.”