The CSL.Jr Band / Press

“They are not a bunch of guys sitting in their garage or basement trying to sound like someone else and playing a bunch of covers. They are creating new music based on their influences and likes and they have done a pretty damn good job of it.”

Steve Jones - Crossroads Blues Society of Northern Illinois

“Down home Blues. Music & Vocals are on point. Betcha CSL Jr. Band is great live. Makes me wanna get in my car and just go driving...REAL FAST. LOVE IT!!!”

“Sit down and shut up Junior!....CSL's sound is "Big As Texas"!”

“Blues and Rock based the CSL Jr Band has recaptured some of the vintage vibe that has made Blues and Rock great. Widley divers and appealing to multiple listeners. Tonaly satisfieng. Heart, Soul, Emotion, Fun, Driving, down right just makes you want to move.”

“Oh ripping out the rocking blues givin er with some great vox and solid gutty blues with some fine kinda riffage laying it down...welcome to Blues”