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The Cosmic Trigger / Press

"The New Order of the Cosmos" is a searing slab of heaviness that's not afraid to revere it's influences while simultaneously taking those influences and twisting the hell outta them to create something unlike any other band I know. "Pulling the Trigger" sets the lethal tone immediately, with it's gently building twin-guitar intro, swirling into the more spacey atmospherics implied by their name. But about a minute in, that cosmic journey turns vicious, as the thunderous riff of doom crashes down, trailing off into a NWOBHM-inspired harmony guitar meteroic trail. Yes, it's only an introduction --and most of times I hate introductions since they seem filled with pretense. But not here. It truly sets the stage for the ferocious twin-riffing that follows with "Brother of the Sun." Chugging and firing on all cylinders, "Brother" is a masterpiece of revved up classic metal, like Riot leading a ground assault of Thin Lizzy and Dio-era Sabbath. It's all familiar yet totally fresh.

“The Sword broke the barrier. The Austin quartet was one of the first heavy-metal bands to be embraced by the indie-rock community, not only receiving airplay on college radio stations nationwide but getting press, often good press, from publications not known for their kindness toward genre musics (except hip-hop). For whatever reason –– personality? geography? connections? –– the band, capable of holding its own against the genre’s heavyweights, has thrived in both worlds, though mostly in the indie-rock universe. Other bands have tried to follow suit, but none has really been as successful. Enter: The Cosmic Trigger. If there’s one local band capable of pulling off a crossover of Sword-ish proportions, it’s probably this (one)”