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The Corey Booth Project / Press

"The Corey Booth Project is one of those acts you don*t mind wading through less-talented bands to see, and one that, when opening for the far less-talented "plastic singer" as the headlining act, stands out even more as a band worth seeing. CBP plays the kind of music that can appeal to a wide range of listeners; with elements of what has ubiquitously been labeled *contemporary Americana*, a bit of late 90*s alternative rock, and echoes of the 00*s alternative folk sound that*s been filtering into contemporary pop music lately, though with much less skill than The Corey Booth Project. Theirs is a sound that*s pure Midwestern -- drawing from eclectic genres, layering the instrumentals and vocals with a professional touch, and giving the songs an articulate voice that rings out and reverberates in the regional music scene and beyond." -(Mick Parsons, AmericanRevolutionary.com)

"Corey Booth is the real deal. Viewing hundreds of bands a year for 20 years has made me an expert talent Scout. Presently scouting for Woodstock creator Artie Kornfeld, I am sure to see Corey's first platinum album soon. Corey's live performance opening for Kenny Wayne Shepperd was greeted by a well deserved standing ovation. I have to say for the record, Corey should have been the headliner! Corey's performance blew Kenny's away!" (Pat Scully, Scully Entertainment, Chicago, IL)

““I enjoyed the music and the supporting materials. Your press kit accomplishments are impressive and show me talent AND lots of hard work. Nice job! The songs are polished, professional and memorable.” (Eugene Foley, www.FoleyEntertainment.com) ”

“(Cont. Southside Review) .."Track 5, ‘All I Want Is You’ was Southside’s personal favorite for how the words honestly came from the heart. Corey’s voice truly shines on this song, full of tenderness and sincerity, especially when he sings, “…all I want is you…”. Now, what woman wouldn’t turn down that emotional plea?!" ~ Southside Review, Chicago, IL http://www.SouthsidesCD.Blogspot.com”

““Here’s another CD which impressed the test audience (to Southside’s surprise, since they’re mostly hardcore rock daughters). They liked Corey’s homegrown sounds of Americana/alternative rock that sometimes incorporated a little country or California sound. According to them, the five-track EP popped with rockin’ music, thus making it very difficult in choosing which song was their favorite!”

““Sometimes it's the simple pleasures that can outweigh the nonsense we face in daily life, and that's the message The Corey Booth Project delivers through their music. Corey and his percussionist Ned McGinn bring a simple approach to their music that can take you from a tropical breeze, to a long-winding, dusty midwestern road. Honing their skills through thousands of hours of touring has helped bring a polished approach to their live show, and to their recordings.” ~ Ryan Zschieshe – 102.7 The Rock, Sterling, IL”

“Wow! I love this song (“When I’m Sober”). Really good. I knew it from the opening vocal entrance. Really good job! I'm going to feature it on song.cat today starting in a few minutes! Good luck with the voters. You may want to rally your fans as the competition can be tough. Voting lasts 24 hours aprox. Thanks for submitting! -Mike (http://www.SongCat.com via MusicXray.com) ”

““Thank you for your submission! I really appreciate it. Your music is terrific! You're a very good songwriter and performer. You will make an excellent addition to the GRM Presents Showcase!” (Gran Royale Music, http://www.grm780.com/gran-royale-music/ via MusicXray.com) ”

“Corey's writing style takes one into new areas of the Singer-Songwriter realm; as he ventures into a more heartfelt and honest avenue than most dare to today. Given time and exposure, I think the Corey Booth Project will be on many people's playlists!-(Denise V.,K94Rocks.com)”

"The Exact definition of Smooth, Sweet, and Simple Music, with Well Thought-Out Lyrics and Infectious Melody Lines!" (MagMug Magazine).

Celine Magmug - Magmug Magazine

"I have never heard so much sound and power come from one man and his guitar before in my life!"

Dave Cook - Dave's Place