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The Breakaway Point / Press

“Between them, the two members of The Breakaway Point have training in electrical engineering and physics, but Jessie Lapsley and Mark Giroux decided to apply their skills to making, producing, recording, mixing and mastering their own music. With influences ranging from Michael Jackson and The Temptations to Beethoven and Debussy, The Breakaway Point will hit the stage as part of Manitoba Music's New Music Wednesdays at Ozzy's on March 6. SCENE figured it was high time we got to know this band a little better, so we checked in with Mark Giroux.”

“The Breakaway Point describe themselves as a ‘dichotomy, polar opposites, a divine mistake of the gods.’ The two person band (J-La and Magir) they cover a span of human emotions; from disgust to love and from anger to happiness, there is no where these 2 don’t reach.”

“It doesn't happen often but sometimes the artists come to you rather than you finding the artist and in this case I'm glad they did. The Breakaway Point are something different. Comprising of just two, the voice and the music. J-La and Magir (Mark Giroux). They both met by chance many years ago after realising they both shared the same passion. There isn't an emotion that they have left untouched. It's funny to think that J-La was studying to be an Electrical Engineer, nearly at completion after 6 years of study a degree was in sight. With only two classes to go, he dropped out of school to pursue his dream of doing music. His feeling was, if he didn't try, when he was on his deathbed he would regret his entire life. Good on him I say! ”

““Musically Mark Edward Giroux (a.k.a. "Magir") lays down plenty of standard hip-hop beats yet excels at weaving interesting, classical music themes into the mix. This is where the album pulls itself out of the swear jar and shines. Let It Be even sounds like some old-school Cat Stevens folk treasure... *about Don't You Want To Breakaway? vol. 1*””