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Big Mean Sound Machine / Press

““…a 20 piece band who want to kickyour arse with sound. Their MySpace tag reads "Live Experimental and Electronic Afro-Beat, Funk and Dub" - can't say fairer than that!””

““BMSM might be one of my favorite bands on the planet. With a horn section to kill for, a drummer that can put me in a beat coma instantly, and a knack for hitting grooves in a pantsless stride, they aren't easy to ignore.” ”

“The Big Mean Sound Machine and their album Ouroboros take the smokey club vibe to the extreme, providing both excitable and relaxed as Fuck environs inside a 10 track album I can honestly tell you will stay on the manpod indefinitely. It has the Budos taste but with a crisper, bigger band behind it. The guitar player is fucking sick, le keyboard tickler is tasty as shit, all the horns sound straight out of an early 80's throwback 70's mob flick, and the drummer is on some tight-pocket rip rapes. I hear things I don't think I'm actually hearing, but who am I to question the presence of a cello inside an album as antibalas-ish as this!?!This is a perfect album people. PERFECT. Now click below and give them $70 dollars for the album and god will save a catholic from a guilt trip for 70 seconds in 70 years.”

“Seamed together by an amazing rhythm section of Angelo Peters on Bass, Andrew Klein on Drums, Bryan Davis on Percussion, Rob Tate on Organs, and Dan Barker on Guitars, the core of the group commands attention while providing a passionate and constant groove. Combine that with the talents of Bobby Spellman on Trumpet, Jamie Yaman on Bari Sax, and Remy Kunstler on Bari Sax, and you have polyrhythmic monster.”

“Ithaca's The Big Mean Sound Machine is a 10 piece ensemble that fuses elements of afrobeat, garage rock, funk, jazz, and dub rhythms to provide western New York with some of the dirtiest, fattest, grooviest beats ever heard. Known for their passionate and exhilarating live performances, TBMSM have been genre-bending together since early 2010 and have so far released LIVE @ Castaways, The Big Mean EP, Tongue Power Single, and most recently, their debut full length album Ourubros. If their other free releases merely remained local treasures, then it's Ourubros that will give them the global admiration they deserve. This 10-track opus flows seamlessly from start to finish, mixing all the elements that TBMSM claim to cultivate in all their music into one sublime and hearty sound stew. ”

“The Big Mean Sound Machine describes themselves as a “Live Experimental and Electronic Afro-Beat, Funk and Dub” band on their MySpace. Despite that description’s unwieldy length, it does a good job at describing their ambitious sound, which got everyone in Castaways bobbing their heads and moving their hips. The music was entirely instrumental, but the spacey and psychedelic jazz that they played did not require lyrics to draw in the listener. Each song would start out with a standard afro-beat groove and then be brought to an extreme tempo or volume as it progressed. Dramatic descriptions aside, that raw edginess was what I liked most about The Big Mean Sound Machine because it differentiated the band’s music from your typical jam band fare.”

“Yes, a good tongue fucking. That is exactly what The Big Mean Sound Machine feels like, but to my Fuckable ears. Imagine taking a huge swig of that deliciously golden hoppy nectar and sticking your tongue straight out and feeling each individual bubble massage and stroke your mouth muscle. But in your ears bru”

"The Big Mean Sound Machine is really Big and Mean.... Absolutely Fabulous!

WICB Ithaca