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The Bergamot / Press

"This duo is unbelievably talented."

"We are thrilled to add these three up-and- coming acts to an already eclectic and enormously talented lineup."

"Artfully blending a beautifully crisp, tuneful, and energetic sound with smart songwriting and an equally sharp-as-a-tack worldly sensibility, the indie pop-rock duo of Jillian Speece and Nathan Hoff totally hit it out of the ballpark with their excellent third album."

"Wow! The Bergamot...The heck with American Idol, the heck with the Grammys...That is a fantastic sound! Remember you heard them first here on WGN Chicago."

"The Bergamot WILL become a household name!"

"The Bergamot, a male-female folk duo from Chicago started the night off with two AWESOME songs."

"The Bergamot’s set which was also strong. Straight-ahead danceable rock and roll underneath fine vocals."

"That was AMAZING! You guys are great...You work together so well!!"

"The Bergamot ROCKED the Elbo Room, with a powerful yet soulful R&B/alternative performance. This set had EVERYTHING!!!"

“If you can imagine Jack Johnson playing and Adele singing a jazzed-up version of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” then you’re just beginning to tap into The Bergamot’s signature sound.”

“It’s a snapshot of their 60-plus song repertoire, an easy, satisfying EP experience that mixes the indie genre with classical guitar licks, Motown treatments, James Taylor and the Beatles, not to mention some of that Over The Rhine feel. The result is infectious in the best Motown tradition. You sing along, and you dance without a care about who may be watching.”