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The Bastard Redneck Flower Children / Press

"They are rather like a synthesis of somewhat cultured mountain people and Haight-Asbury types in a rural setting. I call them "Field Williams"..."

Dr. Bertrand Q. Nimrod, dsq/phd/thc - Anthropological Register

"Once I managed to convince them that the studio cans would not "implant suborbital messages to turn us all into gov'ment drones" we were able to get started tracking in earnest..."

Murray Finkelstein - Recording Engineer's Digest

"you boys sure do owe me a lot of money for that beer..."

Bob - Bob's Country Bunker

"it's like this total harmonic convergence, man...I mean like lush, surreal, deliciousness. Like for real, man. THC and LSD..."

Ashley Roachclip - Black Pyramid Times

"them sumbitches is so loud a feller cain't even skin a squirrel without it don't shake it's brain out!"

Rafe Hollister - Hogeye Jowl Leader