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The Baker Family / Press

"The Baker Family's substantial lyrics meet a myriad of melodies and counter-melodies in Old Civilizations Put to the Sword, as Mr. and Mrs. Baker sing songs of excitement, loneliness, judgment, and hope."

Hear TX Here - Austin Chronicle

“Baker has always been a cathartic performer, somehow managing to strum a guitar while leaping into the audience. He's also always been a quick-change artist, equally adept at the synth-pop of "Bakers Can't Be Choosers" from 2007's Transaction, the folky, banjo-led track "Loneliness" and the heavy, layered indie-rock of "Seven" (both of those from Old Civilizations). ”

Alli Marshall - Mountain Xpress

“From catchy indie-pop tunes like "Bakers Can't Be Choosers" to the slower, more country-tinged "Loneliness," they have a little bit of something for everyone. ”

Amanda Greever - Tennessee Daily Times

“Not many bands can pull off New Wave without piling on irony and pomp reminiscent of art-school majors. What The Baker Family Band is, exactly, is nearly as nebulous as the stuff of world religions. The contrast between Stuart’s ruminative lyrics and the sweet voice of keyboardist (and wife) Elizabeth Baker result in a sonic experience on par with Jeremy Enigk (post Sunny Day Real Estate) and Sufjan Stevens. The Bakers have a few good hit makers on their new disc: I’d add the title track to a cardio mix in a heartbeat. But the true dark horse hits are “Paper Moon,” “On the Contrary” and “Channeled Control.” I may not get out much, but I do get this. ”

Natasha Shealy - Mountain Xpress Vol. 15 / Iss. 19