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The Atomic Sherpas / Press

“This band is TIGHT. I'm a fan.”

“Call it what you want...but, Vince and the boys take you far beyond the perimeters of jazz, rock, funk or fusion to a place where everything is crazy and beautiful.”

"What an innovative band this is! No, they're not a rock band and they're not a jazz band, but something in-between with lots of soul and sweat. Imagine if Miles Davis' Bitches Grew merged with some early Funkadelic/Parliment along with some Zeppelin-ized craziness. You can boogie your ass off or just sit back and let them blow it off for you. The Atomic Sherpas are one of the most amazing bands you will see on the L.A. scene."

“Stupendous work! I’m all bedazzled and stuff.”

“The Atomic Sherpas are a combination of Punk Rock veterano's, Funk explorers, Blues groove lords, Sonic adventurers, Free jazz pirates and Rock N' Roll disciples who laugh at dividing lines, boundaries and formulas and bring any damn style to the moment they care to, knowing that as long as it's deep the groove, played from the heart and backed with music muscle, all the phony categories go up in smoke as the dance floor boils.”

“Trust me, ya gotta hear it.”

“The Atomic Sherpas are a Los Angeles based guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, trombone, sax, flute, harmonica and vocals sextet who play… well… is Big Band Prog a genre? No? Well I’m making it up then. The music is like a mixture of Zappa, Chicago, Dr Nerve styled RIO Prog, good time swingin’ Blues and tightly structured Free-Jazz. These guys are ADHD antsy and completely unable to stay in one spot for very long, which results in a non-stop stream of compositional twists and turns and a harrowing stylistic roller coast ride.”

“The Atomic Sherpas are one of the most amazing bands you will see on the L.A. music scene." ”

“Listening to The Atomic Sherpas is like taking a sonic ride in a first rate amusement park you wish would never end! From the onset it's a musical parade that winds up to a full blown dance party.”

“The Atomic Sherpas are a 6-piece ensemble of bad-ass multi-instrumentalists playing their a musical gulash of funk, jazz, bebop, and rock, with a wild energy, rockin' attitude, and driving beats to make you run down onto the dance floor and shake your boot-ayy.”

"The Atomic Sherpas are awesome mofos who can play anything"

Fallling James - L.A. Weekly

“Reminiscent of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers or John Mayall’s Blues Breakers, which respectively nurtured an astonishing number of jazz and rock superstars, the Atomic Sherpas’ line up and alumni comprise an embarrassment of riches. Current and former members (equally skilled in rock and jazz), represent an array of notable Los Angeles musical acts, including psychedelic/surf subversives Double Naught Spy Car, punk and rollers the BellRays, Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs and B-Movie Rats, and Mexican narco rockers Brujeria.”

"HE ATOMIC SHERPAS are far and away one of the most unique & talented bands ever to grace the Hip Kitty stage"

“They take jazz, put it to groove, and rock your freakin' socks off!”

"The Atomic Sherpas, movers and shakers of the booty chakra and overwhelmers of the third-eye portal to the metaphysical, plant the sci-fi-funk flag in Claremont, the jewel of the magnificent inland empire. Revelers now can sate themeselves with savory smoking burgers washed down with fine crafted suds in brimming tankards and swashbuckle too and fro as the searing funkified rocking blues fueled dragster dragons of glory - that's The Atomic Sherpas - lead the freaky flock through a three hour odyssean bacchanal."

Vance Cliffhouse - Inland Empire Strikes Back! Culture Blog

“...clever, good humored, well executed and kicks swingin’ ass.”

“Wish Granter, the Atomic Sherpas’ third release, is a complex, conceptual assortment of music that captures the Los Angeles band’s fascinating evolution and its mastery of jazz, funk, rock and roll and avant garde.”

"We had a Cafe NELA staff meeting. Atomic Sherpas was hands down the most favorite band to have played there to date."

Nubs Grumacher, Cafe NELA Sound Team - Cafe NELA

“The latest release (Wish Granter) moves with a funky, trombone-backed swagger through inspirations that include Muddy Waters, Frank Zappa, and Captain Beefheart topped by Meghrouni’s delightful baritone voice. Witty dry humor, including the track Ride to Prac and Meghrouni’s tendency to break through the fourth wall on occasion and speak directly to the audience, elevates the work’s attitude. Wish Granter goes further, treating listeners to a big band version of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs and an updated version of Painful Theraputic Process, pulled from Perfectly Square, the debut album by Meghrouni’s legendary 90s jazz power trio Bazooka.”

““Wish Granter is great! ...best Sherpas work to date... (on) my second listening... beautiful nuances within the bottled lightning that hit me the first time. Bravos all around!””

“Sco’s Coven (from the Atomic Sherpas record "Wish Granter") reminds me of early Chicago when they were a really hot smokin’ band. But the Sherpas are much more intense, the horns functioning like a guitar arsenal, and when the guitar joins in its freakin’ molten.”

“The Atomic Sherpas Perhaps more so than just about anybody, the Sherpas bring it. Starting in 2008, they came, they saw, the rocked our festival to its core.”

"The Atomic Sherpas bludgeon your cootie parts with funk from the free form fun-zone"

"Front Man Vince Meghrouni's (Mike Watt, The BellRays, Fatso Jetson) ensemble of talented jazz, fusion, psychedelic and blues aficianados of the L.A. area take three parts of American jazz and delta blues heritage and spike it with prodigious puddles of the avant-garde and psychedelic soul of post sixties hippie heritage giving noble acknowledgements and drawing comparisons to acts none other than Zappa, Mountain, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Brand X, Edgar Winters' White Trash and Sun Ra."

"They came, they saw, they rocked our festival to it's core."

"Interstellar Mojo Overdrive (the title is a take off of sorts of The Pink Floyd’s Interstellar Overdrive from their debut album) is a sexy as hell boogie-woogie track that will get you dancing no matter how drunk or stoned you are already. GodHead to the 9th degree, I say!"


"The band features the absolutely incredible talents of Vince Meghrouni on sax, flute, harmonica and vocals along with his “all star” band that will leave one’s mouth absolutely agape in wonderment."

“Plain and simple, it is first rate songwriting performed by six bad-asses on a mission to lift your spirits and take you HIGHER !”

"Arguably the most high energy act in the history of Carter Ranch, their voracious explosions of sound couple only with the true mastery of the musical genius and mainlined vein of musical heritage that the band taps."

"The Atomic Sherpas are awesome mofos who can play anything"

Falling James - L.A. Weekly

"A real band's band, these guys will make any concert or festival legitimate just by setting foot on stage."

"I don't know if you call it jazz, or call it blues, but it sounds like punk rock to me"

Jack Brewer - Words from the world's greatest living poets

““#4 on KPFK 90.7 Barry Smolin’s “The Music Never Stops” “Ten Best Albums of 2009””

Barry Smolin - KPFK

"... A hard-groovin' live fusion of blues, funk, jazz and rock that never lets up."

Brick Wahl - L.A. Weekly