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The Anti-Scene / Press

“...an almost casually mind-blowing quartet that mixes brutal double-kick blast beats, backing vocal wails and accents employed like 80's break music, hefty lyrical credentials and varied, ill flows, and a live group sound that shifts on a dime under the MC like a DJ swapping records.”

“...an extremely potent mix of hip-hop, metal and soul that does not sound nearly as soullessly modern as you're thinking it does. Instead of the watered-down lowest common denominator that permeates the soundtracks and trailers of bad action movies, you have something with some real bite to it. It manages freshness in genres long gone stale and gamy from being stored in the same plastic bag since the heyday of Faith No More.”

“The Anti-Scene's Willie Barnes II is a thoughtful and authoritative rapper and a great singer, and they've got a message that their core audience really needs to hear. Reggae toasting and heavy metal basso profundo one right after the other? Why the hell not? I can't wait to see this band on stage."”