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“I saw these guys at the State Fair I was so impressed with their material and stage presence I caught up with them after their show to get their information for later bookings. The Andromeda Project is truly a band that is on the rise and ready to break out to that next level of success. Any company weather management or recording that doesn't pick these guys will have missed out. I urge everyone to check out The Andromeda Project when ever you have the chance you will not be disappointed .”

“MORE THAN LOVE~The song has a dynamic narrative to it. The precision of the composition was fun. The singing expresses a brilliant magic which the soulful melody bolsters with its masterfully rhythmic, strong significance. I totally love how the lyric and melody grow and the chorus's speed is distinctive. The bass blends actively; the really sharp bassline style executed in the song is good. The excitement of the rhythm seemed profound and sensual. The beat sounds quite spectacularly creative and the uniqueness of the tone was exceptional; technically it has a tight, contemporary substance that intermittently invigorated the timeless tempo. ~ BAND REVIEWER, REVERBNATION.COM”


“MORE THAN LOVE~ This song felt a lot like a classic rock song to me. There wasn't any competitiveness over any two sounds in this song. The band was very good and gave just the right sound to set the mood for the song. The singer also had a lot of talent from what I could tell. He wasn't everywhere with the way he sang the song. He kept just the right tone, and if there is one thing I know its that, if the singer doesn't sound good the song isn't good. The singer sounded great and that made the song great.~ ANONYMOUS REVIEWER FROM REVERBNATION .COM”


“The Andromeda Project is a band from Northern California with a promising sound that draws from rock, alternative and classic rock influences. Their song Break it Again has a melodic hit-sounding quality , as do other straight ahead lyrical songs in their repertoire. With a memorable name and catchy sound The Andromeda Project appears to have a bright future. They now have over a dozen songs on Reverbnation and many of these songs have curious titles such as New Delhi Sky , Loveless Eyes , Tears in the Twilight and Evil at Eye Level. The original songs have an easy to like unique quality , which sets them apart from bands who try to be derivative or too experimental. Alex Cosper Sac TV”

“loveless eyes~THIS SONG MAKES YOU SMILE FROM THE OPENING MELODY. THE VOCALS WERE ATTRACTIVE AND CONFIDENT...DYNAMIC EVEN. THE LYRICS WERE A HEART TUGGER THEY WERE THOUGHT PROVOKING THIS SONG WAS BEAUTIFUL. THE MUSIC OFFERED UP THAT PIANO AS THE LEAD MELODY MAKER AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. A good relaxing drumbeat with a nice acoustic guitar then with a piano added in. The singer had a very loud and dynamic but at the same time clear voice. This is could but I think that the song is way too long. But at the end I think this song has a fair chance to become a commercial success. ”

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“Word Cloud From Review: Days Gone By: "style tune perfect guitar production quality easy loud singer catchy intro electric cool high rhythm drums classic rock acoustic radio love pretty melody lyrics beat expressive solo strong" - ReverbNation Word Cloud”

ReverbNation Word Cloud.

“FRIDAY CONCERT / RISING STAR SERIES ~ THE ANDROMEDA PROJECT "Show your love for hard working musicians: Diane McGee and Russell Torres, two bandmates touring Northern California with their group, THE ANDROMEDA PROJECT, performing an unique mix of Hard, Classic and Alternative Rock, occasionally sprinkled with heartfelt, sentimental ballads. They've booked a gig with Grammy Winner, Jimmy Vaughn, slated for Wednesday, May 22nd, at the FAT CAT Lounge, 930 11th Street, in Modesto. Enjoy these cool tracks. Get out and unwind. Support Local Bands!" - James McFarland - Novelist, Author Extraordinaire”

J.A. McFarland - "Unto Old Earth"

"I've heard a lot of Andromeda's music, in live performance and many studio recordings, and their sound carries a familiar thread that identifies them as a band with a sound all their own." - Kevin Coggins - Artist, Performer, Instructor, Author.

“With a newly released music video and more and more live shows to boast, Northern California group The Andromeda Project are a rising rock group with a growing presence in the Cali rock scene.”

"The Andromeda Project": a great UP AND COMING Sacramento band, is one to be WATCHED,LISTENED TO AND SEEN, LIVE, anytime they have a live show.