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The Anderson Council / Press

“There are few bands better today at mining the classic Brit-power-pop sound than THE ANDERSON COUNCIL. The fact that they are from right here in NJ and not Britain is irrelevant. One listen to their latest album, “LOOKING AT THE STARS”, and you won’t need to ask why. Which is why you should quit reading this review and go listen to it now at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/theandersoncouncil. If you need more description, here it is: the guitar hooks, the backbeat, the harmoniously catchy vocals, all blend together to make this albums feel like a sunny, refreshing spring day, even though I am listening to this album on a cold, rainy day. Now quit reading and go listen for yourself!”

“THE ANDERSON COUNCIL - Looking At The Stars (Sinclair Recording Co. reverbnation.com/theandersoncouncil) The Anderson Council may be as Jersey as you can get - lead singer Pete Horvath has been playing in New Brunswick bands for almost as long as I can remember - but the uninitiated listener would be forgiven for thinking they're as British as a pair of knickers. Horvath, bassist Rob Farrell, drummer Christopher Ryan, and guitarist David Whitehead launch a one-band British invasion with this disc, gleefully pillaging from decades of UK pop, from 60's Beatlemania and early psychedelia to the 70's Mods to 00's Britpop. Oh, and don't forget the Kinks, including the uber-catchy leadoff track, "Don't You Think." There are echoes of the Jam, Beatlesque music-hall pop, and on big, bold pop numbers like "First of November" and "Watch You Sleeping," the Anderson Council even sound a bit like their Jersey forebears, the Smithereens. Farrell's "Gardening Man" could be a Syd-era Floyd outtake.”