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The Adarna / Press

“I’d like to add that this IS Seattle’s premier rock band. Their shows are most definitely high energy and interactive. If you haven’t seen The Adarna live yet, I highly recommend you take Will’s advice and get to a live show. I promise you will not be disappointed and will find your body with that familiar happy buzz you get when you know you’ve seen and heard something truly special”

““The band is really a high energy kind of rock and roll. We grew up listening to rock and roll. We have taken it on ourselves to make a new style of rock and roll to pay homage to the people we love. We call it jet city rock and it’s a tribute to Seattle,” Moore said. Some of their notable convention appearances include Saikou Con., a growing anime convention outside Allentown, Rochester’s first anime convention called “Roc Con” will feature the band as musical guest of honor alongside sci-fi icon Brent Spiner, known as Data on Star Trek, and the Seventh Annual Delta H Con in Houston, Texas. Moore, who is lead singer, said other band members are the drummer known simply as Murdock, from Rochester, N.Y.; Andrea Jasek, lead guitarist from Seattle; and Jeremiah Hazel, bass guitarist from the Philadelphia area. “This is our fourth North American tour," says Moore.”

“The Adarna label their brand of hard rock music “Jet City Rock,” in homage to the supersonic image of Seattle, known for being a center for aircraft production. “We all got together, and of course, we are all passionate about music, and all from very different backgrounds, but we wanted to play rock music, and that’s really hard to describe. There are all these different genres, and everyone is dialed in. What I wanted was just something to call it. It was different to me—I don’t know if that comes across,” says bassist Hazel.”

“By the end of the show, an amazing transformation occurs with The Adarna and audience. The feeling is pure elation and gratitude. Most bands today are satisfied to rock their pro-tools, get their advance from the label, then go out and put on a mediocre show with tired performances. The Adarna are different. Every single ounce of energy is exhausted on the stage. Beaten, sweaty and thoroughly exhausted, Will starts walking through the audience amongst looks of shock and surprise. The look is familiar. It has happened in Montana, Washington, Utah and happens after every show.”

“The Adarna Release New Video For Sugar! Seattle's Jet City rockers, The Adarna, have released their new video for the song "Sugar." This is the band's second video, supporting their national "Tomorrow May Never Come Tour" and it features an Epiphone "1958" Korina Explorer, Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO and Epiphone EB-3 Bass. Look for The Adarna on a National College Campus Tour this spring. More information is available online at www.theadarna.com.”

“Each original song has a very different feel and flavor one from the next. The hard driving rhythms and pop smoothness truly give their musical sound an original vibe. More rock in their souls then any modern rock band you can find today. The Adarna’s original sound and unique variety of interactive entertainment can and will make any event extra-special and fun. The band’s musical prowess is exceptional. Every song shows amazing professional musicianship. What’s incredible is that even as tight as their playing, the Adarna have so much fun with the audience that they play through any mistakes that maybe made, not that the audience would ever know they play so smooth. Many bands are so caught up in themselves that they forget to have fun and let the joy of music flow. The Adarna seem to communicate with each other Spirit to Spirit to produce this awesome sound that really moves you heart, mind, body and soul.”

“Jet City Rock-n-Roll is music you listen to while playing the arcade version of After-Burner or flying an F-14 Tomcat!”

“The Adarna performed their single “Sugar” during a recent visit to the Gibson/Epiphone Showroom at FOX5 Studios in Las Vegas.”

““They played for mostly a locals crowd, and the younger locals loved them,” said Der Hinterhof owner Steve Demerest. “I got the feeling we were getting an early view of someone we’ll see later on a bigger stage.” Though The Adarna might be known for radio rock, they also venture into slow, acoustic songs like “The Smell of Gasoline,” and pop rock, such as “Leave These Parts of Us Behind.” Moore says they’ve been compared to The Cult and the Foo Fighters. “The kind of rock and roll that I found we really identify with is really grooving with each other,” Moore said. “It’s not overprocessed. It’s not something that’s perfect. That’s something echoed in all the bands we respected, going back to Queen and Bowie. Even though it’s polished, there’s still this rawness.””

“Seattle indie rockers The Adarna are a cool guitar-driven band with a slightly anglophile bent. Citing influences like The Cult, Muse, and Guns N Roses, the band has crafted an appealing original sound. The Adarna released a five-song, Kickstarter-funded EP earlier this year and then went on to shoot this edgy video for “Honesty” in Los Angeles with director Josh Kirkwood. The video has landed The Adarna some good exposure, getting played in retail shops and gyms across the country, while the single “Honesty” itself has landed airplay on Sirius XM, Fox, and Armed Forces Radio. Check it out for yourself here at GSTV.”

“The Adarna, The Adarna (3/2, self-released, theadarna.com): Melodic pop-rock that is both competent and catchy, with a production style and vocals from singer/guitarist William Moore that sound ready for rock-radio airplay.”