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Tatiana Tsai / Press

“Hi Tatiana, thanks for the kind words, you have an incredible voice! Hope you're having a great day/night! xx”

“Que voz linda que você tem! Preciso te assistir pessoalmente,estamos tão longe! ”

Luciana Estrella (singer) - Myspace

“thanks for your kind words! and we will have to admit that you are really a good singer :) ”

Apostasy - Myspace

“Will you teach me to sing sometime? Your voice is beautiful! Maybe we'll get down to Brazil someday and see you.”

Drew (Rishloo) - Myspace

“Your voice is so beautiful!”

Ba Ban Chinese Music - Myspace

“I just want to say that you are amazing!!I love your voice!”

Yang Yue (internationally acclaimed Erhu solois) - Myspace

“Hi Tatiana, nice voice, good singing”

Huan Liu (soprano) - Myspace

“I see you have contrasting interests, something dark and a beautiful expressiveness. Love your Puccini and ‘Ah je veux vivre’! Do keep in touch. ”

Emma Alexandra (clarinete player) - Myspace

“I'm glad to discover your beautiful voice and your good work!!”

Dany - Myspace

“Your voice is so beautiful!! I like your music too XDDD YOROSHIKU!! Peace. ”

Kiryu - Myspace

“Your voice is amazing!!! ”

Nikos Piperis (composer) - Myspace

“Your voice is very beautiful! Wish you all the best! ”

Wu Pu-Yu - Myspace

“Ameiii o seu solo!!! Caraca,até arrepia! Parabéns!”

Letícia Figueiredo (pianist) - Myspace

“You have a beautiful and light soprano voice! Greetings from Berlin”

Anna & Oliver (ShirayasDream) - Myspace

“Your voice is beautiful! Greetings from Berlin, ”

Anna Aliena (ShirayasDream) - Myspace

“Excellent voice you have! ”

Rob (Thy Celtic Cross *Illusionary Renaissance*) - Myspace

“Your music is very gentle and beautiful! Greetings from JAPAN! ”

Moco - Myspace

“I like your beautiful elegant voice, music and spikes bracelet. ”

Stephano Scippa - Myspace

“You have a beautiful voice!Congratulations!!”

Joe Cript - Myspace

“I'm under the spell Amicalement et musicalement ”

Bruno Masnou - Myspace

“congratulations Tatiana,in addition to having a wonderful voice ”

Maki - Myspace

“The sacred beauty of your music brings great joy to the World of love and compassion! ”

Rexsy - Myspace

“Great voice you have! Hope all is well..I see we share some similiar taste in music :) Best musical regards, ”

Fredrik (Phanatos) - Myspace

“escutei suas canções e fiquei admirada com a sua voz... que perfeição, parabéns!! ”

Larisse Katarine (in Deviltry...) - Myspace

“Thank you for your friendship and beautiful voice:-) Greetings from Tokyo, Japan. ”

Keiko Kumagai (Ars Nova) - Myscpace

“Wonderful sound!”

Mauve - Myspace

“ter a dona de uma voz maravilhosa como a sua entre nosso amigos é honra. grande abraço! sucesso!”

Ivan Souza (Empty Book) - Myspace

“Tatiana, amazing vocals! ”

Lyonpsyche - Myspace

“Parabéns pelo seu trabalho e pela sua linda voz!! Espero que voce tenha muito sucesso em sua carreira!! ”

Emmerson & Melline band - Myspace

“Your music is angelic. I could cry, wonderful tears. ”

Duality - Myspace

“Tatiana stays true to the traditional goth metal sound. And the mix of the heavy guitar riffs, ballsy drums, gothic keyboards and Tatiana's beautiful voice does also remind you of great European goth metal bands such as Nightswish (FIN), After Forever (NL) and Tristiania (NO). ”

“Brava! Wonderfull work! Congrads.”

InQuartet - Reverbnation

“Wow your music is just beautiful !!! Z.”

Zitan - Reverbnation

“Stopped in for a visit to your site and I must say I really like what I see and hear ..You have so much going for you !!!! Amazing talent. Justin Langston”

Justin Langston - Reverbnation

“You a voice of an angel.”

Michael Thomas Huspek - Reverbnation

“Absolutely phenomenal!! Very expertly arranged...I love hearing your music....it's fantastic!! Regards, -M-”

Melankolia - Reverbnation

“Magnificent vocal ability. We are floored by your talent. It's always a pleasure to stop bye and listen to your music.”

SR1-Project - Reverbnation

“Absolutely amazing voice... Jo x T.A.F”

The Almighty Fallen - Reverbnation

“keep being amazing!”

Rosendale - Reverbnation

“Wonderful voice Tatiana........Charles.”

The Fabulous Del Counts - Reverbnation


the johnnie squizzercrow experiment - Reverbnation

"The best thing in the song is your voice"

Ricardo Polato, bass player - concerning to the vocals on the Thy Celtic Cross songs