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The MacKenzie Blues Band / Press

“There are multitudes of what my friend Terry Young calls “chicken-wing blues bands” out there who all sound pretty much the same as the next. The MacKenzie Blues Band are NOT among them. From the first note of the first track on Back Road Revelation I was struck by the head-snapping authority with which they play. There’s a genuine-ness about their sound that places them in a rank above the ordinary. Tara MacKenzie is an agile and intimidatingly aggressive vocalist, while Trevor’s blistering and articulate guitar playing provides a perfect counterpoint. It’s exceptional music, and one need not particularly be a blues aficionado to appreciate it.”

"The MacKenzie Blues band is powerful stuff. Their thundering vocals, blazing guitar riffs and a tight rhythm section rocked every stage they played at Summerfolk 2012!" James Keelaghan, AD

James Keelaghan - Endorsement

“The Mackenzie Blues Band deliver dynamic sound and Tara’s interpretation of the blues is awesome. A great live performance! ”

Rick Clarke - Lighthouse Blues Festival- Bruce County Blues Society

“'Pure Talent! Emotion and Energy in every note!'”

Don Vail- Programming Director - 92.3 The Dock FM

“From sultry and heart stopping vocals to riffs that could resurrect the blues spirit of Jimi himself. You'll be transported from the heat of the delta, to the stagedust of Woodstock, MacKenzie Blues Band Style.”

Fiona Lenoard- AD Stryker Entertainment- Rock the Beach - Endorsement- Stryker Entertainment

“Get some MacKenzie Blues Band music! Some powerful stuff going on on their CD “Back Road Revelation”!”

"Back Road Revelation, is not your predictable, hum drum blues fodder, in fact I have not heard a record of this calibre in a very long time. I felt like I was at some swampy saturday night fish fry caught between a blues sermon and an arsonist attack."

"Trevor Mackenzie is simply put one of the most dangerous guitarists in Canada. The guy is simply "inside the music." - John Emms,