Tanesha Holland / Press

“Just heard "Your Love" by @TaneneHolland...#DYNAMITE music!”

37|Four Mgmt Group - Twitter

“Thank you so much Tanesha Holland-Davis, you sang your butt off and God used you to set the atmosphere! I'm still in amazement. I love you sis and I want a CD. Let me know when you have an engagement so I can come and support!”

Tessie Stanford Harvey. - Facebook

“Looking for some music that speaks to your soul? Please be sure to pick up Tanesha Holland-Davis' CD and you will not be disappointed!! Tanesha Holland-Davis”

Selena Spencer-Lipscomb - Facebook

“Listening to "Fight" on 1580 WVKO:)”

Kelli Bolton - Facebook

“Tanesha Holland-Davis Hit Single "Fight" is blessing listeners all across the country!! Take a look at her Video! Premiering NOW! On Gospel Connect http://www.gospelconnect.org/#!video-premiers/ctha”

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“She's a #star I #love her!.....”

Dave Tolliver (Men At Large) - Twitter

“One of our AWESOME Gospel Artists on The Power 1480 WKND Ms. Tanesha Holland-Davis.....”

DJ Mackee Cee - Facebook

“VictoryDeliverance Church was so glad to have the singing sensation Tanesha Holland-Davis! She blessed the house immensely! What a bright future she has!”

Jonathan K. Sanders. - Facebook

“WOW!!! I've been listening to your CD today and it has blessed me! For anyone who doesn't have this woman of God's CD, do yourself a favor and buy a copy ASAP. You will NOT regret it. AWESOME! Sending you my prayers, sis.”

Kelli Tucker - Facebook

“Honestly I have only met this young lady once..I don't know her at all..but from what I got to know in our brief introduction is that she is a devoted woman of Christ and she has a beautiful heart and spirit I pray that she goes far....PERIOD...Tanesha Holland I am soo happy for you and I truly wish you all the best...(: ”

Trae'Breon Still'Trying Scholfield - Facebook

“Really love this, Would love to feature this on my broadcast. Send me your Bio and song amey_davis2007@yahoo.com I am with The Praise House a 24 Hour Global Gospel Internet Radio Station. I host "Mellow Momentz w/ A-me. ”

Amey-Davis - You Tube

“Your are anointed for such a time as this... You are going to reach the Masses!!”

Obhadyah Reynaldo Wise - Talk, Teach Testify Radio

“You are truly gifted.... Bless you and your success!!.....”

Sharvette Mitchell - Sharvette Mitchell Show

“Her package was so professional... I said Oh my God I have to book her right away.. I have a waiting list but I had to....”

Lady Soultress - The Lady Soultress Show

“You are Amazing Lady T”

Isaac Simpson - Facebook

“She's a Triple Threat.... She's Talented.... Business-Minded..... and She's a Nurse... She'll patch you up after you fall out!!”

Greg Thomas - The Lady Soultress Radio Show