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Tamra Hayden / Press

“The performers are all able interpreters of the difficult material; particularly...Tamra Hayden, brooding and big voiced as she brazenly pushes the tremulous melodrama up to the breaking point (and at times deliciously spilling over). ”

“Tamra has "a voice guaranteed to reheat your coffee, especially when she hits the higher registers"”

Justin Mitchell - Rocky Mountain News

“Tamra Hayden, is someone to watch, delivering two of Brel’s most sentimental songs in English: “Sons of …” (“Fils de….”), with its reminder that, “All were children like your own,” and “Old Folks” (“Les vieux”). Each was presented as distinctly and sharply as a snapshot.”

“Tamra Hayden is fetching and lovely...has a strong, beautiful voice, put to good advantage...”

Bob Couture - The Daily Gazette

"Hayden moves as she sings, with grace and charm..."

James Yeara - Metroland

"...enormous talent...captivating presence...gorgeous voice..."

"WOW thanks Tamra for sharing your emence talent with us all. This was absolutely beautiful."

"Excellent work, Tamra!! I love Jacques Brel."

"Wow, stunning and touching Tamra! I have heard this song before, but never really HEARD the lyrics like this . ."

"You are an amazing performer/musician. Also, more importantly, I thought you were an amazing person - so talented and down-to-earth. It was a pleasure meeting you."

Kimberley - FaceBook

"So, so wonderful seeing you last night. And no matter how many times I see you perform, I'm always completely blown away :)"

Kimberly - FaceBook

"Awesome performance last night Tamra! You blew the other talent away...I feel like every minute you're not performing is a waste. I was very, very impressed!" P.S. your hair shimmered to the balcony!

Jeff - FaceBook

"Your voice is beautiful and I enjoy your CD's very much. I can hardly wait for your next CD release."

Carol - FaceBook

"Here is a wonderful singer who lives what she sings!"

Chris - FaceBook

"So "into" the music.... that's how I picture you.... diving right in and enjoying every second of every song you sing!!

Debi - FaceBook

“I finally managed to pick up your CD's... It is so nice to hear your voice again. I love both of them very much.... can't wait to drive to work again tomorrow(I have a long commute) to listen again.”

Phil - FaceBook

"thank you for coming to the grand valley you were amazing i enjoyed your show a lot please come back some time"

Forrest - FaceBook

"Just finished seeing Tamra in her concert tonight. Girl you have the pipes. Gave me chills when she sang " MY WAY". "STARS" from LES MISERABLES ."Wow" and PHANTOM. Thanks for sharing your talent my friend with the world. By the way she has a CD for sale. Buy it . Great music"

Paull - FaceBook

"It was awesome Tamra and you were fabulous as always..."

Jeff - Facebook

"Stellar! 4 Stars....amazing voice. Your entrance set the whole evening up..beautiful performance Tamra!"

John - FaceBook

“I enjoy Tamra immensely, whether singing her own songs or those of others. Her range is remarkable, from Rock and Folk, to Broadway and Ballads. Her feminine voice is at once touching yet powerful. Not to be missed, wherever and whenever she is singing! ”

“Tamra Hayden's most recent release "I Believe In The Fire", is a marvel. A voice of stunning clarity, yet burnished, reminiscent of Linda Ronstadt. Rock, blues and more; whether covering a standard or performing her own compositions, each song is delivered fresh. Every phrase, each lyric is infused with heartfelt experience. Overall, an emotionally rich, thoughtful experience. I loved it! ”

“Hayden soared on Don't Cry for Me Argentina from Evita ... and the couple's romantic duet on All I Ask of You literally brought the crowd to its feet — and not just to get an early jump on the valet. ”

DAVID A. FRYE - Special to the Daily News

“...Tamra Hayden is the most stylistically versatile and psychologically detailed singer, capable of delivering everything from the sorrowful "My Homes's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains" to a rendition of "Fever" that outsizzles Peggy Lee. ”

James Reel - Tucson Weekly

“...Hayden's voice is so wonderful... ”

Kyle Lawson - The Arizona Republic

“...Hayden gives an exquisite performance... ”

James D Watts Jr. - Tulsa World

“...Hayden has a honeyed voice... ”

Jan Sjostrom - Palm Beach Daily News