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Taco & Da Mofos / Press

“Taco & Da Mofos will be releasing a new album entitled "Life's A Beach (The Ultimate Collection)" that will contain 4-5 brand NEW tracks, as well as a couple of remixes and essential MOFO songs from past albums as well. Taco & Da Mofos have been in the studio for the past several months working on a new album, but due to so much new material and fan demands, they've decided to release this compilation "of sorts" album. "We've been working hard in the studio, but started actually writing even more songs in the process and they started coming out so good we were all like we HAVE to include these new ones on the next album. So we've decided to do just that, and decided not to rush anything and just start recording this brand new batch of songs." says Keela. "Plus we have tons of fans that tell us they love this album or that album, and they've never heard that album or this album." adds Taco, "Not to mention all of the.... for the rest of the press release, click the link below:”

"Simply Google Taco & Da Mofos"

Taco & Da Mofos Press