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Syntopia / Press

“Way of the world, my fave, very soothing chords...staying in the pocket isn't always easy, you do it well”

Tyrone - Reverb

“Awesome synth programming. Infectious uptempo dance beat with right on the spot vocals harmonies and melodies. Love the 1 bar breaks...Very enjoyable”

Ascenzion - Euro Pop Bee Dance

“Bee Dance - Totally original production and work. A Masterpiece of modern Music”

RV - Bee Dance


“Marvelous musical instrumentation used so effectively. Great phrasing and each musical element fits perfectly to weave a brilliant composition. Thanks for sharing this wonderful music.”

Ascenzion - Ascenzion

“me too but i'm scared now.. this is like nightmare on elm street or something.. it's spooky.. that beat is street.. but i'm afraid to trick or treat.. mama!! sven you can create any mood you want.. and bob is going to scream through here any sec and then i'm gonna hide my head under the covers”

“Wow, Svenni you have once again created a fantastic listen. Loving this vibe, so happy and uplifting. Not sure what all your doing over there, but you have it mastered, this is true! FABULOUS”

“Cool Space with Bob Forbes is a great collab.it's beautiful song.it goes great with this style of music. space loungey stuff here.exilent production aswell. overall a great tune! take me to space”

Ginger Sparklezz - Cool Space

“I had`nt heard this one before...I`m totally blown away by it!!!..It is just awesomely professional and has that fantastic, "New Wolrd" feel to it, vocally and musically...I am LOVING this one to the tops...An absolutely fabulous listen my friends”

Margot DuBois - cool space

“Wonderful combination of talent and emotion on this tune! the simplistic opening with the keys, growing larger with the percussion, and then blossoming with Mag's super smooth vox shows us it really is "the dawning of a new day"!!! This one goes in the favorites list for sure, great job both of you!”

Kerry Martin - Why are you afraid

“Maxina did indeed a very soulful and personal job wih her lyrics and expression, and she never allowed herself to write lyrics with crocodile's tears about the poor people in the world.just to grab attention. The song grooves and keeps the interest with a warm arrangement”

Syngularity - Beautiful

“hey guys...love it! i listened to it last nite. great mellow vibe and wonderful music and vocals/guitar from bob! wonderful collaboration here!! sounds radio ready to me”

Ginger Sparklezz - Sands of time

“Joe and Sven - the ultimate dance mix fellas This tune is another hit my friends - fantastic! Surely a #1 hit again! Expert production just keeps getting better. I really liked the guitar with the analog synth lead together! you movin'!”

Bob Forbes - Mockingbird

“I guess this was inspired by the UK 60's TV show The Avengers! I've been watching the re-runs on TV recently. Excellent song - love the different sounds and textures. Superb arrangement”

“No great surprise this track ( I don`t Know ) was a number one , something unique , something new and exciting - as always. One of the most original artists on soundclick.”

“I agree with the ladies..Viva Slide, this is awesome sven.. the perfect summer hit.. you do it time and time again.. what a beat.. what exquisite melodies and riffs.. what a joyful, playfully serious piece of musicla composition this is.”

“Excellent crossover style - great production/arrangement. Expertly crafted piece of music with an exciting blend of sounds.”

“'Please' - this just burst with superb funkiness. Great tune; so original. Like the vocal efx. Lots of cool things happening here; well thoght thru. Has an South African rock style...this is funky & dancable; time to jump on my table..... ”

“This is a wonderful collab ! I like very much the cool and sweet latin vibes that this song provides . The melody is very catchy ... Sounds great ... Nice vocals... Beautiful production as well”

“Awsome......... Love the lyrics to this one first of all... Then of course the music sets the backing and it's a perfect match... 5 stars all the way”