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Sy Arden / Press

“One day her boss brought some moth wings in a paper bag and said, “I saw these and thought to pick them up—maybe you can do something with them?” So she preserved them and incorporated them in one of her sketches….and TADA! the beginning of a show was born.”

“Sy Arden-  A unique singer-songwriter, Sy brings along her electric guitar and can at once make you feel all warm and fuzzy or rock you so hard you’ll feel like you just got your butt kicked!  A cuddly little kitten or the hungry pit bull – which Sy will come out in the next song?  You really have to witness this emotive performer live! ”

"Arden's style of folk rock is emotional, powerful and driven by her sometimes-sweet, sometimes-sultry vocals."

“The real reason the EP didn’t come out until after she emerged from what she calls “the dark ages” is that it just plain took a long time, “a nine-month process for four damn songs.” (It’s actually five songs counting the untitled bonus track.) “The cellist defected, my purse was stolen, my amp blew, I ran out of money. But getting four or five songs recorded is huge for me. Ask anybody who knows me. I denied it for so long, so it feels huge. To think I’m even worthy of doing that.””

“BANDS TOGETHER FOR LUPUS The all-ages event will have a variety of music by local artists who are banding together for a good cause. From the electronica of Andrew Stamper to the folk ’n’ roll of Sy Arden; from the acoustic rock of Ryan Bach Band to the, um, funky stylings of Funky Geezer — there’s a bit of something for everyone. ”