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Swim The Mind / Press

“Swim The Mind has relied on a combination of Stoner Hard, and Metal genres that are most prominent in the mainstream scene of today, and made a very good, and honest debut.”

“Swim the Mind are from Connecticut and are a new name to these shores, but on the evidence of this debut it might not be long before their name is in lights atop many an EU rock billing. Mixing a dirty and dusky Sword style guitar sound with the grunge of Alice In Chains and some searing Tool style solo work, this is a fine debut. There are scowling riffs and vocal exhortations that recall the most trippy aspects of garage psychedelia. With a rythmn section that allows the leads and melodies to surge without interruption, its measured and instantly infectious. From start to finish it’s a collection of snarling anti-anthems and actually, a more assertive debut would be hard to find. So pin back your ears and soak up a viscious yet controlled aural assault.”

“With a foot firmly planted in the territory that bands like Alice In Chains and Nirvana called their own, Connecticut's Swim The Mind delivers a massive dose of the grungy goodness that use to be reserved for the groups mentioned above. Lead singer Nick and his angst filled wail tells you "This drought will never end." in the aptly titled "The Drought" but he is wrong as the stoner/ grunge crowd has finally received a much needed shower to fertilize this undernourished genre.”

“If Tool’s bassist Paul D’Amour, Pearl Jam’s guitarist Stone Gossard, and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails had a love child, it would come out screaming like Swim the Mind, who take the fundamentals of rock, (ever-moving guitar and bass lines, switched up drum patterns, and mostly unintelligible lyrics sung with passion), and pieced together a cohesive mix of straight up noise and moments of delicious instrumental precision.”

“Swim The Mind (thus far) is a throwback band, back to the days of 90s semi-popular rock music, with a metallic spin. Can't find any fault with that.”