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SwampVoodoo / Press

“Strong Stuff..... On SwampVoodoo's debut are only 5 songs but Slick Black Truck Drivin' man-guitar,low volume mutterin'.."Gato-Sax Harmonica, T-Time Bass,Dr Dan Drums. Playing almost 26 minutes becaust their songs run three and a half to over eight minutes..Singer guitarist Slick Black often sings turbulent,rhythm 'n' blues and jazz influenced music with his hoarse voice,the appealing narritive texts, a derivitive of cool jazz vocals..Blessed with a rich imagination and a criminal past,he and his wife supplement their income by selling the excavated dead,until he kills her and sells her . Furthermore, he moves into a vampire hunter, a poker player, a female bank robber and a lorry driver who is held by aliens..in a self called atmospheric,smokey night club,his tales of the seamy side are entirely convincing... Ruud Heijjer”

“SWAMP VOODOO At The Wheel A’ Betty Independent Either a long CD EP or a mini album – what the heck! - this five track release runs to a couple of seconds short of 26 minutes and has this five piece (and that’s including Lenny the Skeleton), Oakland, California – no, surely they rose slowly out of the Louisiana bayou murk one midnight in late October? - Blues/ Alternative/ Americana/ Avant Garde/ Fusion/ Rockabilly (to quote their website – these guys have a website?) band spreading their weirdness to the wider world. Howling harp, Lou Reed, skewed stories, Tom Waits, juicy jazz, Screaming Jay Hawkins, ghastly groaning guitars, Doctor John, rancid rockabilly, Captain Beefheart, spooky sounds, Frank Zappa, back-road blues, Whitley Strieber, stop-time shuffles and Sun Ra are all in there somewhere – but in no particular order. Is this the rise of random Blues? Remember to check under the bed before you turn the light out… Norman Darwen ”

Blues Matters

“Slick Black Truck Drivin' Man plays the gi'tar and does the low volume mutterin'. T-Time provides the ground-thumpin' vibration, teaming with Dr. Dan who uses the voodoo beat stick. That leaves Gato to blow at the gates of Hell with his sax and harp. Does this information, gleaned from the liner notes of the new SwampVoodoo E.P., make you think you're in for something special? You are correct, sir! Gato's groovy sax lines and Slick Black's understated vocals make opening track "Gravely Impo'tent," about an unscrupulous gravedigger, sound like a Commander Cody/Captain Beefheart mash-up while "Heartastake" could be Dr. John fronting a blues-rocking garage band. And "Cool as Can Be" sounds like Lou Reed gone swamp rock. Yup, special! Too bad there are only five cuts on this fun debut.”

“I love music. I love all kinds of music. The only thing I love more than music is story. I hate when I'm trying to tell someone about something amazing and lose all my ability to bring words to the page. I truly love the words and music of SwampVoodoo. These guys are amazing; there's no style of music that they don't know. They know it all, cold. Cold, like it's their only style. They know everything Latin, everything burlesque, everything rockabilly, and everything else.”

“We was at this fair kinda type thing and Homer an me was walkin' an lookin' at the chickens..when we heard this loud racket an Homer went ta go looksee an he done came back an grabbed me ta go see this here group a chickens alla dancin' round an round..they was really likin' that there music so we done asked the lil' girl there an she say's SwampVoodoo i be a thinkin'...so's on the way home we stopped an bought us a copy...now we play it for all a our chickens an they a dancin' just like them at the fair...”

Music For Livestock Magazine

“SwampVoodoo may be from California, but man, do they sound like they're from right in the bayou (after all CCR were from California, too). You get a strange tale lyrically, as well as squawking sax, great jazzy drumming and bass work, a tasty guitar solo about three minutes in and laid back vocals done in an almost conversational way explaining the weird goings-on in "Grifter". Dr. John, Captain Beefheart, Cherry Poppin' Daddies and Tom Waits would be pleased. Fun, different, jazzy, swampy and definitely out there.”

“Clayton an me was sittin on the porch swing a swattin' at flies one night when this strange lookin' fella comes a floatin' up an he was kinda a glowin'...like he was electrically charged or somethin'..comes a ramblin' up ta the porch there an he had him a briefcase an he say's howdy an me an clayton said a nicety an he says “ya'll like music..” an we say” well ya...why'n ya ask.” an he say's “i have been employed in the field a sales for this here recordin' company an I been sent out ta get this here record out...an so's my offer is ya'll can have a piece a the future for a mire 33 cents a month for 3 years an this record is yours..”..well me an clayton aint no fools but he spoke a good game an so's we went for it an well it darn near be the best thing we did..now on a friday night instead a swattin' them flies we all gather roun' ta that swampvoodoo music an darn near loose us selves...”

Alien Sales Guide Handbook to Backwoods Folk