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Supernal Endgame / Press

“... great to listen to and one that I really enjoyed.... awash with hooks and melodies, and even a non-believer such as myself found myself singing along to "Still Believe"... infectious stuff. The press release says something that I don't think I've ever seen in the thousands I've read, "this music just makes you feel good". Do you know what? They're right.... I can't play this album without having a smile on my face....Highly recommended to all.”

“[when] you've heard it...you get the awe and wonder... an amazing sense of melody and a passion for what they're doing that comes through every note they play.... amazing arrangements.... enough guitar work to keep the more rock inclined listener happy, and enough symphonic keyboards for the most ardent progster. You'll be hard pushed to find a better album of its kind this year, so just go buy it.”

Stuart A. Hamilton - Zeitgeist

“... some terrific music here.... ‎Eargle is a master songwriter and player... in the same league as Neal Morse, ex-Kansas icon Kerry Livgren, and Roine Stolt.... concise tautly constructed symphonic rock pieces with memorable melodies that echo Kansas and the less grandiose efforts of early Yes.... technically gifted....”

Nick Tate - Progression Magazine issue #61

“ .... unparalleled and impressive creativity.... one of those magical and entertaining works that you wish you could discover on a regular basis.... diverse technical skills with an abundance strong melodies and compositional hooks.... breathtaking and expansive.... dynamic and gorgeous arrangements .... an album of entertaining brilliance. Highly recommended. 5 out of 5 Artist of the month”

Craig Hartranft - Dangerdog

“... the music... is superb on this release.... All tracks contain progressive rock the best way possible.... For me, this is certainly one of the best albums released in 2010. I'm looking forward to Touch The Sky, volume 2.”

Henri Strik - Background Magazine (The Jury's Verdict)

“Supernal Endgame... boast years of experience in rock music and it shows. It’s a very tasteful blend of musical styles rolled into a prog rollercoaster. Some might compare the proggy tropes in Still Believe to early Spock’s Beard and Hackett-era Genesis, but the most fitting reference is probably Unitopia: fresh, tight, up-beat, and adventurous. It takes 10 minutes of excellent musicianship to deliver the goods. (A review of the song "Still Believe" on the CPR 4 compilation).”

“...very pleasant music.... I'll be impatiently awaiting [their next album].... pompous, yet melodic prog rock... very intelligently crafted.... "Celtic-progressive AOR".... full of epic, thoughtful compositions with very catchy choruses.... the album as a whole is very good, and at times almost perfect.... a style similar to... Kansas, and Iona... Unitopia, Jellyfish, and Neal Morse.... it would be best if you just heard it. I recommend it wholeheartedly. Don't hesitate.... I regret that I only recently discovered it, but better late than never.”

“... very symphonic prog oriented beautiful melodies and song format, but not trivial.... fourteen tracks that are very different, but all with a common identity, good arrangements.... the tunes have hit me and I liked them a lot, putting the desire to listen to the disc several times.... made with the heart and feelings and the commitment to this compositional level is undeniable, and it's nice to occasionally find artists who are still trying to compose beautiful melodies....”

GB - Rock Impressions

“eighty minutes [of] prog rock at its best... top shelf.... the prog elements predominate, notably the guitar work stands out in a positive way.... it is more than an excellent prog-plane enough to enjoy.”

Ralph Plug - zwaremetalen.com

“...a remarkably effective record.... quality and depth.... celebratory lyrics... fine works of symphonic prog.... impressive debut.”

Raziq Rauf - Classic Rock Presents Prog

“... excellent guitar and keyboard patterns set to fantastic drums.... The melody will grab you from the opening and carry you through.... [They] lock in your ears.... {A review of Still Believe on the compilation album CPR 4}.”

“... the music is excellent: outstanding guitar solos, perfect harmony singing and solid compositions.... radio-friendly, but it always remains tasteful.... I enjoyed listening to this album, one of the better releases this year.”

Peter Willemsen - Background Magazine (The Jury's Verdict)

“.... successful in its goal to create a sonic voyage with a brightness and glow... [creates] a very positive feel in the listener.... even if you just listen to the music, that aura is there and the objective is achieved anyway.... an overall positive feel.... very melodic... highly ear-friendly moments.... Overall, Touch the Sky is an album that is full of enlightened and strong melodies, very well played and constructed. The arrangements are rich and crafted... disguising its complexity. The aura... is always positive so the goal has been achieved. An album for symphonic prog lovers who like “bright and open” music. And essential for those who really like Neal Morse. ”

Nuno - Proggnosis

“...richly orchestrated with keyboards, real strings and spotlight a Mandolin here or a tympani drum there... nice violin soloing.... The arrangements are lush and in some cases uniquely unconventional although the core thread of melody is hard to miss.... pieces contain moments that will rattle around in your head for hours after a listening.... well crafted... great mix of music here.... plays very well next to something like Transatlantic or perhaps Ajalon. And fans of those bands I think will find much to enjoy here.... positive and uplifting.... There is much to appreciate and enjoy on Touch the Sky. ”

Jerry Lucky - The Progressive Rock Files

“...hooks from front to back.... Price has a good voice... that will appeal to many.... The use of violin, acoustic guitar and flute in various songs gives it something unique.... one of the best prog records of this year....”

Bertus - Cloud Speakers

“...hook laden, uplifting vibe.... The guitar work... is sublimely crisp and sharp... [and] tremendously melodic... pointed riffs and tasteful solos throughout.... interesting use of mandolin, tin whistle and classical guitar.... seductive hooks.... The album plays extremely well as a whole listening experience, however the songs do also stand very well individually.... an uplifting jolt.... gloriously effective light that flows through the songs.... superbly crafted and makes for a hugely enjoyable listen from start to finish. Vol. II is due to be released later this year and I for one will be happy to touch the sky once more. 8.5/10”

Steven Reid - Metal Perspective

“...worshipful prog rock album with clean production and stellar instrumentation and vocals not unlike Neal Morse’s projects ..." Nice!”

Doug Van Pelt - HM Magazine

“...[they] fuse symphonic prog with arty power pop, bringing in tin whistles and especially violins to add a celtic tinge to their proggy AOR.... thoughtful compositions with catchy hooks.... Think Kansas meet Jellyfish with some Neal Morse....”

David Pearson - Classic Rock Society issue 179

“... generous melody while allowing for a variety of instrumentation.... singing is pleasant throughout... perfectly suited for the progressive rock genre.... The sweeping instrumental portions... find Eargle and Pomeroy at the top of their game as well.... the keyboard work is particularly well done in helping lend to the albums overall ambient atmosphere.... Production – crystal clear, bright and fluid – represents a strength.... a fulfilling melody rises above the majestic scene.... pleasing vocal melodies... the songwriting quality is high and band performance spot on.  Followers of the progressive rock genre will find a lot to like here while the variety of styles presented... will be certain to attract fans of others genres as well.  Looking forward to “Volume 2””

Andrew Rockwell - Angelic Warlord

“... what a nice surprise.... tons of hooky melodies and powerful, uplifting lyrics.... There's a sense of order and control throughout the entire CD and their compositions.... Straight to the point, their classy and articular prog-rock will have (many) fans of the genre cheering for more.... you should at least check out soundclips of this band, since you'll probably end up surprised by the sheer quality of their material. Nice! 8 of 10”

Urban "Wally" Walstrom - Rockunited.com

“...Alterations in pace, melody and dominant themes occur pretty frequently.... the solo guitar, which in many numbers seems to take major inspiration from Steve Howe.... Melodic, well-produced and well-crafted compositions will draw many to this act.... a very well-produced effort.... Well-made and well-performed....”

Olav M. Bjornsen - ProgressoR

“...sounds excellent... well balanced, non-trivial and captivating.... melodic hooks that grab you and never let go.... A really nice surprise.... congratulations to Progrock Records for putting them under contract and now we'll look forward to the second volume.... get a copy of 'Touch The Sky', you will not be disappointed for sure.... A very promising start for a really good trio! Score-79”

Fabio Rancati - Hardsounds

“... a wonderfully pleasant surprise – a tastefully and professionally recorded album.... It’s a fantastic album, a must-have....While all the musicians are talented and the songs extremely well written and recorded, its Price’s vocals that set this band apart.... the entire record is excellent.... Supernal Endgame has earned the right to be mentioned alongside the essential bands of spiritual prog rock.... demands repeated listens, as there is ample musical mystery to unfathom and spiritual depths to plumb. We'll all be holding our breath for the impending release of... Volume 2.”

Dave Taylor - Virtuosity

“...outstandingly good rock music.... alternately soars and floats... hugely entertaining and engaging album....a remarkable achievement. The lengthy musical passages have a marvellously symphonic sweep with some fascinating changes of pace.... Rich with strings and keyboards....”

Brian - Revelation Z Magazine

“.... Numerous well done violins and mandolins add to the ethereal mood of the disc.... musicianship is excellent, and their songwriting skills are well developed. Their arrangements are deep and complex..., yet the melody always seems to come to the forefront.... musically interesting pieces, and all performed with a great deal of passion.... this album is a winner. ”

Joe Mis - Hard Rock Haven

“...a pleasure.... I loved this album of almost 80 minutes of excellent music provided by "Touch The Sky Vol 1"... I highly recommend it!”

Declan - Progressive Area

“... extremely well-played... music is filled with good textures and endless guitar hooks.... The instrumental part of the album is not only well played, but also well written.... The sound is good.... the uplifting feel in the music is enjoyable.... a good album that can inspire you both musically and spiritually.”

Zoka - Metal Revolution

“... Material and group presentation are uniformly strong.... provides a wealth of musical sense.... The songs have a strong melodic core.... rising hooks and inventiveness of bustling music.... the genre is in good hands if the song writing standards are as high as Touch The Sky - Volume I has. (8+) ”

Kalevo Heino - Imperiumi.net

“... a good album that's proving to be quite an interesting discovery.... very well put together.... not much weakness in the music... great enjoyable moments.... guitar that rips the eardrums.”

The Keeper - Magic Fire Music Magazine

“... a talent for writing... catchy and melodic themes.... Sophisticated and rich, but without undue pomp arrangements, original ideas and sophisticated soloists.... [The] songs... have their own special atmosphere - lots of them, serenity, peace, joy, inner balance, and optimism they exude is something divine in them.... no fillers... despite the long duration... does not cause fatigue... listened to it with genuine satisfaction.... 4/5”

Christopher Michaelczewski - Progrockorg.pol

“... incredibly rich compositions... carved details and original diversity.... perfect orchestral arrangements.... Fourteen titles slap you with an undeniable knowledge of power between controlled and calm sensitive moments, bewitching you... and insinuating [themselves] in your mind.... Perfection may not be of this world, but this album comes near this quest.... 8.5 out of 10”

"Metalpsychokiller" - Soil Chronicles

“....immaculate melodicism.... The voice of Rob Price is expressive... consistently paints beautiful melodies and colorful palletes in the songs... impressive and almost made my skin tingle!... sharp and warm guitar solos.... All titles are on a high level and have hardly any weaknesses... many divine melodies.... 4.5 points for an album you'll enjoy even if you don't accept the lyrics. I look forward to hearing Touch the Sky Volume II.”

Markus Gerber - Proggies

“... songwriting in the center.... beautiful and catchy....playful guitar variations.... clear and warm voice makes for a pleasant overall scene.... quite mature and [they] know the pure craft of a convincing production. 8.5 points ”

Cat - Sound Base

“... we can bow to the instrumental prowess, the pathos and technical expertise together with beautiful melodies that this American trio from Texas succeeds in giving the listener.... style and incredible feeling.... the production is noteworthy... beautiful compositions.... The disc is intense and engaging... a little masterpiece. ”

Marco Castellesi - Heavy Metal.it

“Hooks, hooks and more hooks. That is what you will get when you listen to Touch The Sky.... Acoustic and electric guitar are tastefully executed providing plenty of melodic solos and delicate passages. The riffs can get heavier at times.... Lots of keys adds a symphonic touch and the lead vocals of Rob Price are quite nice.... singing is good throughout.... soaring lead guitar and plenty of hooks.... Tasty guitar runs.... 4 stars. ”

Jon Neudorf - Sea Of Tranquility

“meld[s] uplifting spiritual lyrics with accessible melodic rock... [with] fine long instrumental workouts.... damn fine catchy melodies.... wonderful keys and guitar work.... we are promised the second volume soon, I for one can't wait for that! In the meantime this fine album will suffice.”

Jason Ritchie - Getreadyto rock.com

“...Supernal Endgame... takes you into a prog rock universe.... vocals will hook you up.... The songs let you drift into daydreaming.... into another sonic world.... beautiful... simply beautiful!... had me right away!... it's fun to listen to Touch The Sky!... Beside the emotional guitar play of John {and Dan} it's the vocals of Rob Price which make the songs special. 8 out of 10 stars. ”

Claudia Ehrhardt - Ice Vajal

“...uplifting.... compelling guitar theme and prog-pop chorus.... a familiar Kansas timbre.... blistering guitar dynamics from the Swede maestro [Stolt].... sensitive but haunting.... exquisite acoustic guitar.... tuneful.... celebratory atmosphere in both the lyrics and tone.... infectious.... a triumphant upbeat feel throughout.... if you are uncomfortable with the spiritual subject, the music can be enjoyed on its own merits.... strong melodies and hooks prevalent throughout, at nearly 80 minutes.... crystal clear production.... this album has much to recommend it and I for one look forward to volume two with keen anticipation. ”

Geoff Feakes - DPRP

“... we are in the pop end of the scale, maintained by some progressive elements on a fine level... reminds a bit of The Flower Kings.... even if you do not share the band's message, one can easily enjoy the music....”

Metal Grandfather - Revolution Music

“... fresh sounding.... Although it gets quite bombastic at times, it never is overdone as the variation keeps it all going smoothly.... A fine piece of work that will probably be very well received.... 88 out of 100”

Winston - Lords Of Metal

“Euphony...a musical bubbling that leaves your soul and creates pleasant associations. Supernal Endgame's debut embodies just that - euphony.... masters of their instruments.... you are immediately overwhelmed by this wealth of sound and harmony....”

Michelle Karayilan - Home Of Rock

“The most successful of recent times... to deliver an album of melodic progressive rock and christian inspiration.... good progressive songs without boring the listener with an endless sterile suite.... the tunes are definitely the strong point of the band... a wealth of great technical arrangements... strong compositional maturity.... high level of technical execution....”

Luke Oriol - Roxxzone

“Yes and The Flower Kings are an indication of the music.... majestic keyboards, shimmering synths, jubilant guitars, melodic... beautiful lead vocals and even more beautiful choral singing... exudes a contagious positive atmosphere and good mood. Symphonic rock {with}... pop elements.”

Thomas Kohlrub - Babyblaue

“....In this record the melody reigns... I am sure that they even managed to touch the sky, as the title promises!... cheerful music that flows with a verve that inspires optimism....”

Jessica Atten - Arlequins

“...well played.... a really nice surprise... played by first class musicians.... the form of this work is really well crafted, the instrumental parts are really flawless.... a good album that is worth being heard.”

Danny Boodman - shapeless zine

“...will have a wide appeal... fine set of tunes.... The melody is pleasant.... absolutely delightful... pleasing musical themes.... the vocal arrangement is extremely well done.... A fine album that bodes well for Volume 2...”

Gary Marshall - Rocktopia

“Neal Morse gets competition.... Eargle... Price... and Pomeroy sure can play very well, no doubt here !... Supernal Endgame are passionate players, they are men on a mission.”

Robbert Schuller - IO Pages

“...prog-rock firmly rooted in the 1970s... with an additional tendency towards AOR.... pleasant to the ear.... some riffs that can remind of Dream Theater.... this album is not to be missed, waiting for the announced "volume two". 8 out of 10.”

Marco Piva - www. movimentiprog.net