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Sun Voyage / Press

“Just listened to "It Ain't Easy (May As Well Be Me)"...That's one awesome cut...totally loved it!...There's good music, damned good music, and then a rare gem like this. I don't just say nice things to make people happy. I give you all the props on this without even a sliver of a second thought..."”

"I approached Shawn after hearing his music and being blown away by his craft as a songwriter, performer, and engineer. His songs are invariably strong, with great hooks and immaculately recorded. He generously permitted Abrazos (a breast cancer benefit) to feature one of his songs in Abrazos 2011 and I am forever grateful for his gesture."

"Hi! I LOVE IT!! I've discovered you on the numberonemusic charts. Since this time i can't spend a day without your sound!"

"Your stuff is in a different league and I will continue to personally pitch it as I do believe that you will be doing this full time at some point in your life."

"...in a musical world influenced by everything from it's past and confused about it's future...you have created an originally addictive genre, desperate to emerge and beautiful to behold..."

"This is some of the finest, smoothest, most expertly executed, mixed and engineered rock music I've had the pleasure of listening to. You are exceptionally gifted, my friend. The excellence of the lyrical and musical composing goes without saying."

"Very good sound, marketable to a mainstream audience but not complete "sell out" music. Has substance and depth, well done!"

A.J. P. - email from a fan

“Truth from my heart. Your music is beautiful to hear, and inspiring to listen to."”

"OMG, Shawn! You sound totally amazing and so do all of your songs. You've got a new fan in this songwriter! I can't believe you don't already have a major record deal. You sound better than anyone on the radio right now, for sure."

"Dream World [pop/dance track for the next record] = AMAZING! The whole song sounds incredible, would love to know how you do the music!! The beat, the tune, the lyrics are all AMAZING. Could so see myself dancing in a nightclub to this one, jumping up and down with hands in the air!! 5 stars from me!"

“HOLY *#@& - "Help Me Forgive You" - I LOVE this!!! dude - sweet song..!”

"E3" - www.broadjam.com

"Your performances are undeniably original and completely bulletproof...God definitely had his hand on you while you were doing this project. Simply phenomenal!"

"Wow I liked a lot! The voice is awesome and music too. I love it a lot. This is one of the best I've heard on here until now." (re "Help Me Forgive You."

"I would like to add up this song to my playlist. It’s so good we can keep on playing this all day till the battery dries out." (regarding "Help Me Forgive You")

"The male singer's performance was awesome and his voice was one of the best I have listened to...loved each and every lyric."

unknown - www.slicethepie.com

"Awesome, amazing, never heard anything like it :)" (regarding "Love and Sweat")

a fan in Bundaberg, Australia - Jango.com

"Die Musik von Shawn ist übrigens megagenial - total cool!!! Auch Tamara hört es gerne :)" (Translated: BTW, Shawn's music is mega-genius. Totally cool!!! My friend Tamara likes it too :) )

Tanja from Darmstadt, Germany - email from a fan

"Listened to your stuff...thought it was really well produced, arranged and quite unique yet keeping with some sort of pop format so that the listener is not completely thrown off...familiar yet completely different...a good thing!"

Julian Temple Band - Broadjam

"I don't know what to even say. What you have done is truly amazing! I mean it sounds great, but your ability to play and put songs together...I have been playing it for everyone I can, and everybody is amazed that it's all you..."

Tim L. - An email from a fan

"This is exactly the type of song that moves me. Gave me chills." (re "Choirs of the Angels")

Nick F. - Broadjam

"that song...you have a gift...use it!"

Ron V. - facebook

"i just wanted you to know i havent heard music and lyrics that have touched my soul so deeply in many years, i dont know how one time i can feel uplifted from it and the next in tears! bravo to you!"

Steph S. - facebook

"like it!"

Frank E. --Germany - jango.com

"They have everything to get a good place."

David --Mexico - jango.com

"Man, you are a human supernova! Extremely impressive. A pleasure and inspiration to listen to." (regarding "Spin Me")

R. Adams - Broadjam

"Very nice music! Keep on going!"

J.G. --Mexico - jango.com

"Beautiful song that went through my whole body and made it tingle. Loved it :)." (re "Choirs of the Angels")

K.D. -Australia - Jango.com

"Shoulda heard some of the compliments on your music that were floatin around today, at one point you were dubbed "THE Guy."

A.A. - Facebook

"I can't get enough of Sun Voyage. I (must) play the entire album every day!"

R.T. - Facebook

"Damn! That song is really good." (re Choirs of the Angels)

Wendy P. - Facebook

"Great hook. The song really drew me in. Beat is driving and locked in." (re "Plan B")

R. T. - Broadjam

"Simply STUNNING! Spectacular tune in so many respects. EPIC." (re "November Eyes")

R. Adams - Broadjam

"Can't overstate what a spectacular thing you've got going on in your music. Very impressed (again). So many great elements and the good judgment to make them work together for the majestically sounding whole."

Robert A. - Broadjam

"Dude, Spin me is AWESOME!"

Duke W. - Broadjam