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Suns / Press

“With the type of momentum these guys have shown with this double release, there's no doubt they're going places fast."”

The Chicagoist

“'Epic' and 'grand' are two words you'll constantly hear when discussing Suns. Yet, despite its constant epic feel and denser, darker sound, 'Close Calls...' still has much room to breathe and that's a testament to Suns' restraint. A band of six with instruments galore could easily end up overstuffing their songs to the point of claustrophobia, but instead they use them to add atmosphere [...] and it makes for some pretty beautiful music."”

Windy Citizen

“They] mine the intersection of Dischord-era post-punk and Radiohead-inspired, postmodern 'alternative.' The reaction is nothing short of inspired and confounding."”

Gather Round The Music

"Different and dare I say genius; I honestly think that these belong in everyones CD collection."

"People need to hear this band."

"These releases show not only promise, but hearken a musical identity that has not yet been born."

"Suns have provided us with nine songs that sound new and slightly classic at the same time."

"Immediately arresting. Few bands sound anything like this."

“New in this incarnation, but certainly not new to music itself, the players behind the up and coming six man band Suns will be making their debut at the Metro this Saturday. Hatched from the head of Mikey Russell who, having somewhat recovered from the split from his band Wax on Radio, decided to get back in the musical saddle, Suns is another example of jamming turned into something more. Made up through a collection of friends and ‘heard through the grapevine’ connections, the new band has already seen one line-up change, when original drummer (one of two), Bryan Fritz had to leave for his own personal reasons “a very sad day for our band, since he was our first drummer and also a very solid dude. We were lost for a while.” (Matt Lemke) Fortunately they found fusion in their next drummer, Clinton Weber, and since July of last year have been a solid six, including everything from guitar, mandolin, banjo, and bass to synth, glockenspiel and dual drummers.”