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Strum the Fox / Press

“In an era of musical homogenization, where the "scene" rewards easily identifiable conformity and the necrophiliac plundering of bygone genres and styles, Strum the Fox is a breath of fresh, unpolluted air. Boasting sharp, virtuosic interplay between electric guitar and amplified violin, and sturdy Bonham-esque percussive pummeling employed with a lightness and fluidity rivaling jazz players, the group cleverly (and unpretentiously) find a middle ground between ambitiously frantic prog epics, proto-metallic blues-bludgeoning occultism and the highbrow aspirations of modern composition. A thrilling journey to the ends of the dark side of the moon, never forsaking melodic invention amidst the interstellar push-and-pull of interdimensional rhythms culled from beneath the abyss. As above, so below.”

Carla Crisp - Baltimore Art & Music Project

“This trio commands serious improvisational power, with notes of swing and jazz, classical, heavy metal, and pop spicing up every bar. The group must have a devil of a time finding shows, though: Their musical sophistication (example: they had one section where they stayed together while all playing in different time signatures) places their listeners in the button-down world, but the volume output puts them in the mosh pit. A wonderful surprise for the start of the evening.”

"Strum the Fox"- v. to strive for the highest order of originality; n. a Baltimore-based three-man rock band doing just that.