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STREET DISCIPLE Formally known as D-Nyce / Widgets

HTML5 Player

ReverbNation is now offering a HTML5 Music Player Widget! Easy to set up, easy to use and is designed to work on all devices including iPhone and iPad!

Dimensions: Any x Any

HTML5 Video Player

Check out the new HTML5 Video Player widget! Customize it to fit you specific needs then stream both Vimeo and YouTube video to your users. Designed to work with all devices.

Dimensions: Any x Any

HTML5 Show Schedule

When is the big show? The show schedule widget lets you update your show schedule easily. Set up with or without the tour map, and customize the size. Fans can choose show detail and share your show as well!

Dimensions: Any x Any

HTML5 Press

Get some good press? Add press clippings, reviews, blog blurbs, or anything people are saying about this band to any other web site. Easy to set up for you and cool to see and share for your audience.

Dimensions: Any x Any

HTML5 Fan Collector

Increase your fan mailing list by placing Fan Collector on your websites and social network profiles. Super easy to setup & then just sit back and watch email addresses start pouring in. Designed to work on all devices including iPhone and iPad!

Dimensions: Any x Any

Street Disciple formally known as D-Nyce music player

Dimensions: 434 x 238