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Strange Karma / Press

“These new tracks are utterly amazing, fresh and innovative - Brilliant!! REALLY! Looking forward to throwing them into ultra-heavy rotation on my WVOX Metal Mayhem show in New York!! Matthew O'Shaughnessy ”

“ Classic Rock Revisited caught up with The Brothers Strange, vocalist Martin, and guitarist Paul, to learn more about how this band has survived the school of music business hard knocks and why they think that coming to America is what they need to do to make it big. Strange Karma have many things going for them, they are smart, worldly, hardworking and savvy. Most of all, they are talented songwriters and musicians who are hell bent to take on the world of rock n roll. Its damn time we get away from gaga and goo goo music and remember what real rock is all about. So, ladies and gentleman, may I introduce to you…. The Crocodile Dundee of Rock n’ Roll… Strange Karma. ”

“I’m going to start this in a big way. Who in the hell needs a Led Zeppelin reunion when we have a band with the sound of Strange Karma. These guys are the second coming of the music that started it all. Not to take away from Page and the boys, but Strange Karma appears to have tapped into the life blood that was Zeppelin, and used it to create a masterpiece of 70’s metal, but modernized. Sure these one off reunion shows are great for you purists, but to have original material with all the elements of Zeppelin kicking around the Aussie outback makes you think that Zep would want the torch passed and their fans to jump on this new airship. Yes folks: Strange Karma is that good!”

“Strange Karma is a hot new hard rock band from Australia that is gaining some momentum in America. After leaving Australia a few years ago, and playing the rock circuit from L.A. to Las Vegas in a relentless fashion, the band has gained many fans and built up quite a buzz. The legendary Sunset Strip club Whisky A Go-Go is so pleased with the band that they have become a personal favorite of their booking agent. Strange Karma’s sound can be described as a cross between the bluesy soul of Zeppelin and the anthemic rawness of fellow Aussies AC/DC (there seems to be a bit of New Wave of British Heavy Metal thrown in there for good measure, too). The single, “America,” off of their debut album, “Volume 1,” is almost an infatuation with the land of opportunity. America’s music charts have been taken over by horrible, gaudy pop nowadays and could use a little Strange Karma.”

"It is rare that every member in a band is at the top of their game and shines like a star in their own special way but Strange Karma glows all the way in that respect. It is hard to believe these guys are not signed on a major label"