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Stone Soul Foundation / Press

“Fans vote SSF BEST BAND 2014, and BEST MUSIC VID 2014 “Taking Back the U.S.” 2014”

“WAQX Syracuse, NY's 95X “Locals Only #1 Band of 2013””

Scott Dixon - WAQX 95X Syracuse, NY

“Editor’s Choice TOP 25 BAND of 2013”

“Editor’s Choice Shane Stillman TOP 25 Drummer 2014”


“Fans vote SSF BAND OF THE MONTH November 2013”

“….classic-rock rooted, southern strained outfit with a bit of grunge, funk and Sabbath mixed into a road-rage crockpot!”

“…it’s a pure diamond in the rough…It's a wonder why this album was hidden under a rock for this amount of time, it's a great album.”

"Electric Valley is the album that turned rock on its head with the bands groove-laced metal riffs that takes the listener on a journey of sound that is both current and influenced heavily by days gone by. In short, SSF is a band on the cusp of taking the national and international music scene by storm."

“Stone Soul Foundation turns out the kind of hard rock that made me pledge my allegiance to the Guys in Black Tee Shirts Who Jam. This New York-based four piece makes crunchy blues-based jams that evoke Black Sabbath, black light posters, and bell bottoms.”

““The last song, “I Master” is another winner, Muldoon growling a bit over a serving of Wiggins’ hot licks. Jeff then says, “What the hell? I should just deliver a furious solo to close this thing out in style!” (I don’t know if he really said that, but the solo is REALLY good!) Holy shit, THIS is a fucking rock song!! THIS is a fucking rock album! Stone Soul Foundation are unsigned as I write this, but that should change very quickly. One spin of Electric Valley, and I think you’ll agree.””

"TAKING BACK THE U.S. has to be one of my favorite videos."

James Allen Giroux - The Hellion Rocks & Bleach Bangs Radio

"Auburn stoner metal band, Stone Soul Foundation, took the stage and as far as I was concerned, this could have been the start of the touring bands. The quality of performances from this point forward made the cost of admission worth it at twice the price. This dread-lead hard rockin’ gang of misfits had great vocals, guitar licks, and the drummer set an energetic pace."

"Grooves, Hooks, Style, Great Tone....the latest release (Electric Valley) from Stone Soul Foundation has all of the above coupled with rock n roll fire & great guitar solos! From start to finish this record is sheer rock perfection!"

““Love the (Electric Valley) CD from start to finish...It has a real classic Deep Purple/Black Sabbath feel/sound to it and I really dig the Cd and the band as a whole! Has to be one of the best bands I've heard in a long time!””

Jason Houston - Chaotic Riffs Magazine

"The Sabbath vibe of, ‘Christian’ is loaded with riffs that Tony Iommi would be proud of."

“The sound is engaging, have created a pretty explosive mixture, there are overwhelming the pieces for a lively look that characterizes them ("Side Walker", "Electric Valley," "Aint No Mystery," "Mountain Of Time"), songs that gap in the radio circuit for the chorus that gets in the head ("Christian" that carry the words, then a picture is not so far from a reality that applies to many "followers" of this style of thinking: "You Call Yourself a Christian, yet 'you're quick to judge. You call yourself a Christian, you still hold a grudge. Yo call yourself a Christian, you boast of your faith. Hypocrisy in the name of the holy ghost "), usability Mixed aggressive charge ("Song About You" and "Gonna Try") and the ability to touch the strings of the listener most emotionally sweet.”

Aristocrazia (Italian Webzine)

“These are the kind of songs you want to hear on your city's rock station. If you like bands such as Godsmack, Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, or Guns N Roses you will like Stone Soul Foundation. SSF has their own sound and style that will fit very well next to the aforementioned bands in your CD/MP3 collection. ”

Jeff Barnes - Full Metal Hippie

“Hot Damn, we’ve hit a speed bump in the tunnels of time and got stuck inside a bong! SSF has to be the most authentic stoner metal band since Trouble or St. Vitus, right down to the bellbottoms and pilgrims hat. Easily digestible for older burners who already took the trip as well as those ready to blast off, this doob-burning magnum opus puts 13 choice cuts into your bowl. This had better be on vinyl. Its like The Sword are humping Nazareth’s leg while on DMT. Solos, righteous vocals, whah-abuse and probably some other flavors too. I would recommend this album to all of you who wish to make your girlfriends clothes fall off. Very high grade. Check out “Christian”, “Window” and “I, Master “ ”

Cross Roads Music Magazine