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“A Triple Hot Night of Rock at Southern California’s Canyon Club Written by Craig Newman on May 22, 2014 in Gigs / Tours / Events, Live Reviews, May 22, 2014 Skid Row, Black Star Riders and STONEBREED at the Canyon Club, Agoura Hills on May 15 performed a hot rocking show despite the 100 degree temperature outside. All three bands performed with so much energy that you could not tell who the headliner was. Opening the show was Southern California STONEBREED with founding member and lead singer Carlos Cruz and a new line up that is: Johnny Zell (bass), Troy Elizondo and Brandon Paul.(guitars), and Orion Rainz (drums). Though Black Star Riders had a drum riser that took much of the space on stage and Orion was on the side of the riser. The band just rocked this crowd continous for 45 minutes and Carlos was interacting more with fans in front of the stage. Taking photos and drinks with them while singing, the band didn’t miss a beat during their set.”

“STONEBREED fired it up and mercy me I was amazed at the grit this band possessed. I have heard scuttlebutt of their prowess and damn, it is right on the money. I’m talking honky tonk shit kicking good times here folks. Hard to believe this band is from Hollywood as they would be right at home in oh, say, Alabama. Southern rock lays heavy in the presentation, as do flavors that some would call classic or arena. Vocalist Carlos Cruz lets the good times roll, possessing entertaining qualities akin to the likes of Jim Dandy, David Lee Roth or just about any of those crazy fuckers from Ram Jam. Fill my pool hall junkie jukebox with this bands tunes and it’s good times guaranteed. Warning: broken bottles and barstools may ensue.”

“Stonebreed from Hollywood, California stopped by and played some of their good ole nasty southern metal to an already packed house. Influenced by bands like Lynyrd Sknyrd, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot and Aerosmith. Carlos - vocals and the boys put on a Hard Rocking, Foot Stomping good time of a show. I have not seen Stonebreed for a long time and almost forgot how awesome they sounded while on stage. Look for more solid stuff from this band. Their next show is on 09/09 - The House Of Blues / Anaheim. ”

“I’ve seen Steel Panther (previously Metal Skool) here and there throughout the years, but had not seen them since they made their latest venue switch from the Key Club to the House of Blues. When I found out that Stonebreed was opening the show 04/12/10, I couldn’t miss this opportunity to see them perform live for the first time. I “found” Stonebreed online a while back and instantly fell in love with them. They are hard rock with a southern edge, and sing about really important topics like whiskey and women. The band had an unlimited guest list for this show, and they definitely did their dirty work to get fans there. When I got to HOB, there was a long line of fans waiting to get their free tickets, and all around me I heard people talking about how great Stonebreed is. Once I was inside, it seemed pretty full for an “opening band.” People usually don’t get to a Steel Panther show until much later. ”

“This was no opening band though. This was STONEBREED! Listening to them on my little computer speakers didn’t come close to the raw energy and power of a live show! They hit the stage hard with an original song called “Rattlesnake” and the whole crowd was rockin’. They kept the momentum going strong with cover song “Train, Train,” (Blackfoot) which everyone knew and sang along with. I recognized the next song, “Miss Me,” from their website, and it was great to see them perform this heartfelt ballad live. “I’m Gone” was the perfect follow-up song. It started out slow, with soothing vocals, and then exploded into blistering leads and a riff heavy chorus. ”

“Just when things started to slow down, they picked it right back up again with another well-known cover song, Pat Traver’s “Snortin’ Whiskey.” They shared a couple more originals, “Back Home” and the ballsy “Whiskey Well,” and then ended with a cover song that really surprised me… Def Leppard’s “Let it Go!” Aside from Def Leppard tribute bands, and of course Def Leppard, I’ve never heard anyone else perform this song live. It definitely “rocked” and “rolled.” The only disappointment I had was that Stonebreed’s set ended so soon. I was pumped up and ready to rock, and then it was over… The bottom line is: Stonebreed put on a rock-solid show. ”

“Headliners, the Hollywood locals, Stonebreed are a full on rock 'n' roll band who combine sleaziness with southerness and pull it off magnificiently.Frontman, Carlos really knows how to work the crowd and thanks them for staying for their set (as sadly a lot of peeps had left the venue - probably because they'd seen the band numerous times or they wanted to catch the last bus home and save forking out for a taxi). Anyways, back to the 'breed. ”

"We are an hour late, but we will still play a 45 minute show no matter what time it is" their fronter says, "Only joking", he shouts up to the mixing engineer in the gods. He is full of character and charisma with Stonebreed performing cool songs about the south like 'Drinkin' Whiskey'; 'Whiskey Creek' and a funny number called 'Buy Me A Dollar' where his buddy, Jay Bacher in the crowd hands him a one which adds a knockout effect to an already moutainous performance. They even do a tribute to Molly Hatchet by playing a Southern song - 'Saturday Night Special' because they don't know an M.H. song as a band unit. "Anything but Freebird", he jokes to us which would have needed a couple of other guitarists in the band to nail properly anyway - it don't work with 1 guitar - hahaha. This version of 'S.N.S' is really ballsy and heavier and to be honest the best I have ever heard it.

“The last number of the night was one which the original band never play these days - this being Def Leppard and the number is 'High 'n' Dry's 'Let It Go' which was a f*ck*n' perfect rendition which the Leps themselves would give a 'Thumbs' up to for defo. So did they have any clue that I am from the Sheffield are or was it just pure coincidence. Love this band and looking forward to seeing them again over here or in the said UK City - next up Joe and the lads cover a Stonebreed song - lol. Man, this suberb night at the Whiskey leaves me with a great taste in my mouth for future visits to come. ”