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“I had a great time performing in front of the cameras at LCATV last evening! I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be, comfortable atmosphere. Rebecca Padula is a wonderful host! I played 4 songs and was able to plug www.vtacousticartistsradio.com There is a tapped recording that will be here soon... http://www.lcatv.org/series/lcatv-open-mic-live I was taken a bit by my emotions before playing My Apathy quite surprising... I thought I was behind all that grieving stuff but it never goes away it becomes a part of you. Its what makes us part of who we are...”

Steven Dwight Longe - Steven Dwight Longe Music

“I'm pleased to announce the creation of VTAcousticRadio.com Featuring music from Vermont Acoustic Artists broadcasting worldwide 24/7 from the beautiful Green Mountain State! http://streams.museter.com:2199/start/SDLonge/ If your a Vermont Acoustic Artist and want to have your music broadcasted to the world 24/7 send e-mail: sdlonge@gmail.com for details.”

Steven Dwight Longe - Steven Dwight Longe Music