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Steve Inglis / Press

"One To Understand" is the perfect anthem for all who wish for peace and learning to replace confrontation and ignorance - and a cracking good song - beautiful - well done my super friend.

"Sir" Chris Ingram. - RN

“Steve, you have really captured something special with One To Understand. A shimmering, profound beauty”

Frank Smith - RN

“That's some bass line on the intro to Endings & Beginings.Just one of many highlights here.Great acoustic rhythm & overhead guitar work.And the song itself is a real gem.You have a great knack of reeling the listener in with a really strong verse melody,and then coming up with an even better chorus.This track is a prime example of that for me.Excellent lyrics as well.”

Wendymoonshine - RN

“I thought you said you weren't very good at titles?..Morning Snow is absolutely perfect,and a beautifully magical piece of music.Like Budd & Eno on guitar,wonderfully crafted and performed.”

Wendymoonshine - RN

“Hi Steve, just listened to "ON A STARRY NIGHT", it is beautiful. You and I have something in common, I don't read music either. Your music is so unique and as my mom would say "You don't follow the rules" thats why it sounds so good. You don't play with your head you follow your heart. Your music is is fantastic and I loved each individual sound. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.”

Laramie Cooley - RN

"Ascension" is pure love, is honour, is a trip around the Universe...

Karina Rossi - RN

“Santorini Blue... things are not sounding any better than this....incredible style and skills you have.”

Filoz - RN

“Steve -"On A Starry Night" is so lovely, I listened to it twice!”

Marilyn Mac - RN

“'On a Starry Night' Love it so much, it speaks to me and twinkles :D you just restored my heart ...you Are my heart :) <3”

Debbie Moore &lt;3 - RN

“Not a sleigh bell or a children's choir anywhere to be heard.And yet On A Starry Night captures the feeling of a yuletide eve perfectly & beautifully.Really great piece of music,excellent track.”

Wendymoonshine - RN

"into the light" rocks, bro... i love it... like led zeppelin meets big country... you are the personification of rock n roll... your huge fan, and humble student, da boi d

The Magneto Flobe. - RN

“Phew!... that first strike 'INTO THE LIGHT' nearly knocked me out the chair... an' I love it! Epic power and brilliance my friend”

Exile Pots - RN

“Wendymoonshine about 7 hours ago Cool video for The Light,and an even better song.Like a New Wave Psychedelic Kashmir..Love those insistent ascending chords,and the bass is absolute killer.I was already sold on the melody before you even got to the "Into the light" part,which took it to a whole new level again.Uplifting powerhouse of a song,that captures everything great about rock music.”

Wendymoonshine - RN

“Really getting grabbed by your magnificent track 'Entropy', Steve. Absolutely scrumptious tones, playing and texture! One of those tracks I can taste as well as hear. Love it!”

The wonderful EXILE POTS - RN

“Music From The Steve Inglis Orchestra...New Dawn is pure genius,straight into the favourites on first listen.I apologise if I'm way off with the influence here,but seriously this is as good as anything from Simon Jeffes.Either way,I certainly got the same thrill/emotive responses listening to it.Wonderful track.”

Wendymoonshine - RN

“its astonishing ....your music grows and grows and it seems that there is no end for it!. "Entropy" is so brilliant! Sounds like Phil Spector duelling with Jimi Hendrix. It's pure madness...we love it!!”

chordjacks - Reverbnation

"It's in your Heart" ... such a damn fine piece of work and musicinship....from the first seconds it won't leave my head... had to purchase it at once...such an incredible deep influence it had on me.... Bravo . !

Filoz - Revernation

“Spending some time with the 4 track Maestro! You're a multi instrumentalist/multi talented powerhouse Steve! Your diversity is your greatest strength! Love ya & your music my friend! ~ Rod”

SUR ROD - Reverbnation

“Wonderful cover of "What's so....." - excellent playing, production and vocals - another goody from my favourite Scotsman. You've got a great portfolio of songs here. P.S. my granny came from Edinburgh.”

The amazing CHRIS INGRAM - Reverbnation

"THE HOROLOGIST" is an instant hit!!! I don't just hear this stunning track...I FEEL IT!!! It belongs on a soundtrack for a record breaking Box Office Summer Blockbuster!!! You really have what it takes to make it to The Big Time, Steve!!!

The Lizabeth Sessions - Reverbnation

“ASCENSION is Wowwwwwwwwwww!!!”

The awesome KC DALEIGH - Reverbnation

“You are living proof that you don't have to have a 32 track machine to make it work. You killed all these songs and if you hadn't stated what you were using I would not have known the difference. I always say there's a reason folks are #1 and after listening I know why your in that position. It's called talent. Your material is well thought out and masterfully performed. I truly enjoyed listening and thank you for posting it for us to enjoy.”

KATFISH KARR - Reverbnation

“Angel Pie SI!! ASCENSION is divine! cyring guitbox! i am coming up out of the ashes, you are deeply intuitive soul! prayers to you through this jungle of beauty and horror..what a freaking ride eh? Hang tough as i will..love you muchly so! wow on Ascension! JUST WOWSA! IT TOOK ME TO A TRUE honest HARD yet GENTLE PLACE! lAURA”


"ASCENSION"...... I feel the love and spirituality of this piece.... it's played with the most gorgeous guitar tone..... truly beautiful.... Steve - you're a real master..... T

The Throdgemorten Five. - Reverbnation

“Wow Steve! ASCENSION is an incredible work of art! The guitar work is soaring! I can hear this in a movie. You always amaze me my multi-talented friend! ~ Rod”

SUR ROD - ReverbNation

“ASCENSION" is far more than a brilliantly crafted song. You see, it is a journey!...to the world's most beautiful and inviting destinations, a transcendence through time, a subtle and soothing breeze felt upon one's face. It is all that is right in this world. IT IS...STEVE INGLIS AT HIS FINEST! ~_~ ~Liz [The Lizabeth Sessions]”

THE LIZABETH SESSIONS. fan them PLEASE - Reverbnation

“WOW !!!!! Steve ,"Ascension" totally fantastic, ethereally excellent !!!!!!!!!!”

Budd Zunga - Reverbnation

“Ascension is not a question or a riddle, it doesn't figure out or explain anything, it's a statement that just hovers there to behold its beauty”

The Electric Era - Reverbnation

"Acension" is outstanding !!!

Michael L. Mckinley. - Reverbnation

"ascension" is like Santana/John McLaughlin... remember when they were into all the eastern stuff back then? this would fit perfectly onto one of their albums... it also reminds me of... Jerry... really emotionally played... just great, bro!!! ya boi d

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“Really connecting with the vibe of "CRACKED MIRROR" on this Pacific Northwest Eve! It's one of those exquisite songs that from the first time hearing it, it makes one instantly stop what they are doing and ask the burning question, "Who IS-S-S that amazing artist?"...STEVE INGLIS! That's who! ~_~”

The Lizabeth Sessions - ReverbNation

“btw the lyrics to Cracked Mirror completely blow my mind”

The Electric Era - ReverbNation

“Dear Steve, I hope all is well with you. And "Timeless" is, in my opinion, still one of the best songs that I have ever heard.”

Filoz - ReverbNation

“Back for a fix of "DIAMOND GIRL!" ~_~ Your tracks are splendid, Steve!...always helping us, Your Devoted Listeners, to escape to a positive place when the world around us becomes chaotic.”

The Lizabeth Sessions - ReverbNation

“steve inglis is epic!! check this artist out. if you don't, your an idiot!!. don't miss out on this one. 'timeless' and 'the man you see' are great tracks. full DIY and good. great work. its from the heart which is even better!!!”

Matt Mauer - ReverbNation

"cracked mirror"… wow… i can't hear it enough… if you don't like dat riff, u don't like groceries!!! one of the best new tunes on RN, or anywhere… ya boi

&quot;da boi&quot; Derinho - Reverbnation

“Yeah, Yeah! Lou Reed meets Warren Zevon in a subway! LIKE!!!”

Jody Vanesky &amp; Groove Time - Reverbnation

“yeah yeah yeah mm mm mmm! wow, what a day in that ditty! it is funny! you been payin all your life yeah yeah!! Loves ya yeah yeah!”

Laura Taylor Whitfield - Reverbnation

“Steve!!!! Timeless is timeless and beautiful , a tranquil creation that sails profoundly no it's own without words yet speaks for itself really lovely and well done!!! Bless you, Lisa”

Lisa Seda - Reverbnation

“This is real hot stuff!! Music without no frontiers, fresh, surprising, unique!! Cracked mirror is a smasher, like all other songs are!!”

Chordjacks - ReverbNation

“Enjoying "There's A Life..." right now. If you'd like to guest on our show "The Saturday Sandwich" on Pulse 98.4FM just drop us a line and we'll arrange it.”

The Skunnered - ReverbNation

“Hey Steve....You are such a strong lyric writer, I am very impressed...these are very good songs indeed and you perform them so well. Wishing you every success with your work~Paul”

Paul Dunn - ReverbNation

“Much respect to you, and how you work; you've got what it takes. The talent, the passion, the vocals sound, a good hearing, and the love.”

FiloZ - ReverbNation

“I love There's A Life! :)”

Sam Hatmaker - ReverbNation

“Loving 'There's A LIfe' very powerful track,mint lyrics.W&W”

WILD&amp;WELSH - ReverbNation

“You've a corker with "There's a Life" matey - thoughtful, intelligent and exciting. Glad to be back here.”

Chris Ingram - ReverbNation

“THE MAN YOU SEE....awesome vocals,lyrics and a sweet-catchy song!!!!”

Vincent Pablo - ReverbNation

“More fine songs here on your list. With "Stay" all the way, and love that guitar - opens up the sky. "Closer", again with that splendid guitar, and those changes in there, arranging, that holds the listener fast. Great songs, all. They hook and stay in the mind - words AND music. Best Wishes - Exile”

Exile Pots - ReverbNation

“Utter shite.”

Wee Billy Snotty - The Scotsman

“top writing here Steve..with more than a ring of the endless-delay guitar style of bands like U2 or Simple Minds on tunes like "cracked mirror" and "one to understand"..great big, epic melodies and very cool, soaring vocals...just love how you can get all of this to sound so crisp and punchy with just a 4 track. Great work!!”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“Steve Inglis is a sensation.”

Gadstone Prince - The New York Times

“dude, "twilight" is like bert jansch... you can't play a solo on my stuff? uh... what? it's like ravi shankar meets george harrison meets jimmy page meets pete townshend... if you're fakin' it, you have me fooled but good... ya boi d”

The Magneto Flobe - ReverbNation

“Cracked Mirror is a classic raw kick HIT man! wonderfully spice, with wicked ice! I love how ya think it fades but it doesn't! ps.thanks for the listen and the kudos SI. l...”

Laura Taylor Whitfield - ReverbNation

“You sir possess a talent rarely found and uniquely harnessed in beautiful ways. Each song is different but has your own creative signature touch marking it well with deep creativity and pure inspirational imagination. I'm am wonderfully captivated with the work you do.”

Sammy - ReverbNation

“Honest and organic songs, coloured by deftly applied ambiences and texture. And, all achieved via 4 track analogue Porta-Studio! For this listener, that is a HUGE plus, displaying an artistry and imagination unhampered, indeed uncowed by limitations of technology or track space. This is direct to tape music with no fancy post-production or trickery. The real deal. Excellent. Sending Best Wishes - Exile :)”

Exile Potts ( beautiful human) - ReverbNation

"Cracked Mirror" is so wicked, cool, starts out with such a driving energy and it keeps going, your voice sounds really cool, and awesome songwriting!!

Kim Guthrie - ReverbNation

“Each day will be dedicated to a different artist. The artist's post will be pinned to the top of the page for 24 hours, and the idea is, other artists in the group will focus on supporting the chosen artist for that particular day; sharing the post, giving it props, visiting the music page itself, listening to the tunes and leaving comments. All artists will eventually enjoy the same opportunity (with their post being pinned to the top of the page) as the posts are rotated each day. Artist names are picked randomly, out of a hat, to make it completely unbiased, and the ARTIST OF THE DAY for 12th March is STEVE INGLIS http://www.reverbnation.com/steveinglis”

The Sorting Office - Facebook

“Hi Steve, you have a few great tunes here. I have to admit I am deeply envious of the lyrics to Cracked Mirror, that's a lyrical masterpiece anchored in an effective arrangement. Well done. I also liked One To Understand. Again, great lyrics on that one.”

The Ekectric Era - ReverbNation

“First of all thank you for your wonderful comment on my song, Too Cool. Best compliment ever! I'm listening to You Forever. It's beautiful. This is exactly the kind of music that makes me want to go soul searching. It's happy, sad, calm, nostalgic, and vibrant all at once. Brilliant.”

Kat Elfman - ReverbNation

“I listened to THE MAN YOU SEE...The song ROCKS! Beatles style Love it!”

Music by KanD - ReverbNation

“Hey Steve, just had a listen to "Diamond Girl" such a happy, feel good tune, how could anyone not listen and not be smiling!!”

Kim Guthrie - ReverbNation

“YOU FOREVER is amazing. Killer guitar work.”

Demon Boy - ReverbNation

“THE MAN YOU SEE in the picture above makes wonderful songs and beautiful music. Just listen.....”

KC Daleigh - ReverbNation

“Great work and a cool look. Impressive is an understatement.”

David Layton - ReverbNation

“I been in the music business long enough to know a fantastic artist when I hear one and sure enough found one here "Steve IngIis". Awesome talent you have Steve!!!!!”

Tim Ratliff - ReverbNation

“Beautiful guitar tones,textures and passion on "You Forever"”

John Revitte - ReverbNation

“This Beautiful World - beautiful song, love the piano in this song!”

Dani-lynn - ReverbNation

“Loving the piano in Clouds!”

Redblossom - ReverbNation

“YOU FOREVER is such an exquisitely played instrumental. Had to listen to it twice!”


“I love your music! You're a great talent... "Cracked mirror" is a wonderful song... Perfect sound”


“Listening to; "One to understand - kinda recalls U2 "where the streets..", and Bowie's "Heros" Vibe! Very Cool and original !”

Joe Williams - ReverbNation

“Absolutely beautiful music and instrumentation.”


“WOW we love CRACKED MIRROR great drivin' beat with sparkling icy clean guitars and well crafted lyric. very catchy, JUST DRIPPIN' with feel AWESOME!!”

Jeff Rush - Reverbnation

“Really like your work. You have an originality akin to Todd Rundgren - not to say you sound like him per se, but rather your just sounding and exploring and creatively expressing 'you' they way Todd did. Your fun and freedom and 4 track recording skill is true blue. Keep writing and recording. BTW - your stuff feels like a movie or short story or documentary could be built around the soundtrack”

Thomas Taylor Price - ReverbNation

“very creative. A standout”

Hammer Claw - Reverbnation

“Great blend of styles. Love the guitar on 'Cracked Mirror'!”

WILD&amp;WELSH - Reverbnation