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STEED / Press

“The new song "Virgins" is the best you ever have created until now. I love the prog. and PT influences.”

Petra - fan mail

“Tes chansons me font un peu penser à du Randy Newman. (talking about lyrics)”

CharlElie - private professional mail

“Hey Steed Just listened to your tracks, they are fab' especially like Bubble, I really hope you get the recognition you deserve and things go as you want them to”

Deb - fan mail

“Hi, STEED ! Thank you for your new songs. "Through Your Eyes" is coolest Rock'n'Roll I've ever heard. Nice work! "A Bubble In The Big Bang" has a tast of Japan or Germany's melanchoric meloday. Yes I love this too! You are a gifted artist.”

Kit - fan mail

“You have certainly progressed in your style and capabilities!!!! "Through your eyes" is an Awesome track but "A bubble in the big bang" is certainly my fav!!! Way to go and then some!!!! You take care and keep at it...I know you'll get a producer soon...it's written in the stars!! Love”

Annette - fan mail

“Hi STEED! :-)))))))))))))))) Many many cheers and....... THE BLUE DOLPHINS is my favourite track!! I didn't know you were creating such a beautiful and particular songs! Sincere compliments and a HUG!”

Cami (singer of EVOLUTION) - private professional mail

“I love "She's got a secret" brilliant!!”

Freespirit - fan mail


- - fan mail

“How could I not be touched by such beauty in words and sound. It certainly isn't by chance. There's a freedom in music but words have to be found. They both touch my heart and make my soul dance. Love xxx”

fan mail

"Virgins" is absolutely beautiful!!!!I actually thought I was listening to Pink Floyd there for a minute!

Jenn - fan mail

“Your music is very interesting... way to go!”

- - fan mail

“Awesome, songs were awesome,hope ur having a great day,xx”

- - fan mail

“Hey Steed, "Through Your Eyes" & "A Bubble In The Big Bang" they are a Cool songs! Great job, Congratulations!!!”

- - fan mail

“you've got good feel in the songs and the recording quality is superb. great songs man”

- - fan mail

“j'adore ta façon de dire welcome...”

Melody - fan mail

“Brrrrr!!! morning Steed, just had a listen to your new track it's great would be a fab driving song methinks :-) Well done you!”

- - fan mail

“feeeeeeeeeeel dude........VIRGIN HAS GOT A GREAT FEEL TO IT...cool song man....”

Blacksmith - fan mail

“Hi,STEED. Your new song feel me relax. Cool, passionate and ambient.”

- - fan mail

“Top banana Steed! You are on a roll :-)”

- - fan mail

“I do enjoy with your new song! Inspire and be inspired, my friend”

Olga - fan mail

“This is what I like to listen to! ”

Louise - fan mail

“YOU ROCK. Don't let it die. We must stick together in these times”

Private mail - Musician comment

“Love the sound. I would love to add a vid clip of yours. Let me know if interested. love”

Passion - fan mail